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Larry Butz  Hey there, I'm Larry Butz! I like hangin out with my best friends, Nick and Miles, and like to paint! Engaged to Franzy <3

(Sorry if i forgot to tag anyone) Ladies and gentlemen, I could never apologize enough for just leaving out of nowhere, and not having any contact with any of you whatsoever (except for my lovely girlfriend), but now I'm here to officially thank all of you, as I (as well as @redmaskprosecutor ) officially depart. You were all amazing at doing this kind of thing and got me through this really weird phase of my life that I myself don't understand, and I'm really sad to leave, but I have to move on and all. Shout outs to @prosecutordefense for being my partner (kinda?) But seriously you all kick ass, and I hope the very best for all of you. Farewell, from Larry and Godot.
I've thought about it for a while
and I've thought about the many miles
but I think it's time that I've gone away
the feelings that you have for me
have gone away it's plain to see
and it looks to me that your pulling away

I'm gonna pick it up
I'm gonna pick it up today
I'm bound pack it up
I'm bound pack it up and go away

I've found it hard to say to you
that this is what I have to do
but there is no way that I'm gonna stay
there are so many things you need to know
and I wanna tell you before I go
but it's hard to think of just what to say

I'm gonna pick it up
I'm gonna pick it up today
I'm bound pack it up
I'm bound pack it up and go away

I'm sorry to leave you all alone
you're sitting silent by the phone
but we'd always known there would come a day
the bus is warm and softly lit 
and a hundred people ride in it
I guess I'm just another runaway

I'm gonna pick it up
I'm gonna pick it up today
I'm bound pack it up
I'm bound pack it up and go away
-The White Stripes, "I'm Bound To Pack It Up" (We should play guitar hero someday)

((Finally, completing the series! Except for AA vs. PL... But anyways, happy puzzling!))

Larry begged and begged with his best friends. "C'mon guys! We just got into this college, and we've already been invited to a party! Don't be some losers who just focus on school constantly, I hear this college lifestyle is pretty good!"

Hey guys, it's the admin's birthday today! He is now 15!

[Hero of War]
A young Larry embraced his father for what might be the last time, and his father then knelt down next to him. "Hey, don't worry, little guy. I'll be back soon enough!" He stood up, ruffling Larry's hair, with a smile on his face. "I'll be a hero, just like those guys you always hear about. I promise!" Larry played with his father's much larger hand. "Okay, if you say so..." He mumbled. Then he was suddenly swept in a sea of orange. His father had placed his orange jacket- the one he had worn, since he had been in college, around Larry's shoulders. "Keep this warm for me while I'm gone, will ya, champ?" Larry looked up, tears in his eyes. "Y-yes! I promise, dad..." His father smiled and kissed his wife farewell. "Now, you don't worry either..." She sighed. "Oh you... When you get back, we'll have a big celebration, "hero"! So don't you even think about giving up out there..." His father had been in the field for weeks. Out of rations, he had one of his much younger fellow privates on his shoulder. The private had been shot in the shoulder, and had passed out a day ago. But the father hadn't given up so easily. After all, it was private... Larry he had saved. He put the private down, to let him rest, and ran over to what appeared to be an oasis. (This kid needs some water, stat...) As he got within reaching distance, he felt something sharp stick in between his ribs accompanied by a loud sound. He collapsed, never to awaken again. But Private Larry would later be found and saved, with a large orange strip stopping the wound in his upper arm from bleeding.
As time went on, it seemed like the hero wasn't coming home. The young Larry had grown into the jacket a little more, and he was in school now. But one day... He was playing with his new basketball he had gotten for his birthday, when a man dressed in black walked up to his house, folded American Flag in hand. Then, Larry knew what had happened... And everything changed.
"A hero of war
That's what I'll be
And when I come home
They'll be damn proud of me
I'll carry this flag
To the grave if I must
It's a flag that I love
A flag that I trust..."
-Rise Against, "Hero of War"

"What happened to all the food, hmm? What the hell am I even holding? Agh, I guess I deserve this for coming late..."

((I got tagged by like 3 people but I can't remember any of them... Anyways-
1. My name is Griff
2. I'm also the admin of @redmaskprosecutor (but I guess that might already be kinda obvious)
3. I'm a huge Nintendo fan. Like holy shit. But I really need a Wii U...
4. I'm 14, but it'll be my birthday sooner than later.
5. I'm a freshman
6. I'm pretty tall apparently, I'm like 6' 2 or something.
7. Right now I'm literally addicted to Pokemon it's super weird
8. Got me a very special girl
9. She's pretty much the best thing ever.
10. I'm kinda new to anime, but I'm really big on Berserk and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.
11. I'm learning Chinese which sounds great but the teacher is not the greatest. Not by far..
12. I'm learning to play the guitar
13. I'm currently playing: Pokemon X and Skyward Sword (on hero mode)
14. Oh also I'm white. It shouldn't really be too shocking. Oh yeah and I'm a dude.
15. I play basketball
16. I'm kinda pissed I have to wait for my birthday to get PL6...
17. My favorite band is Cage the Elephant, with The White Stripes and Cake on its heels.
18. I hate bragging about myself. No, I'm not going to brag. I just hate bragging.
19. My Internet friends and fellow RPers are all AWESOME!
20. Oh and I like TBFP and AVGN

[AU: High School Love]
Larry sat staring blankly at the paper on his desk, tapping his pencil's eraser on it. He may appear to be very down to earth, but in fact, his mind was somewhere else. (Why can't she just decide...) Larry thought, frustrated. (I asked Franziska out a week ago, and if she's going to say yes, then please let it be so. But if not...) He bit his lip, holding back a sob of frustration. (...why doesn't she just cut me free..?) Baby you should know by now that I'’m right…, for you.
But every time I step to you, you change… your tune.
Sweet wheel of death keeps us holding our breathe.
I step to the right, you move to the left.
Unless no one else.
I'’d rather die to myself.

Oh why, won’'t you make up your mind?
I think I must confess.
I'’m starting to unwind.
I been trippin' over you.
So tell me something new.
Take it or leave it….

Maybe I should pack my things and move on?
Maybe I’'m foolin' myself and you’re already gone?
Watching the flames wither and fade.
Trying to make sense of the look on your face.
I'’m down, I’'m an itch.
Just playin' that I can hold on.

Oh why, won’'t you make up your mind?
I think I must confess.
I'’m learning to unwind.
I'’ve been trippin' over you.
So tell me something new.
Take it or leave it….

Baby please.
Oh baby please.
Stay with me or cut me free.
It’s all of me.
Oh why, won’t you make up your mind?
I think I must confess.
I'’m starting to unwind.
I been trippin' over you.
So tell me something new.
Take it or leave it….
Take it or leave it -Cage the Elephant "Take It or Leave It"

((Dear Instagram: I'm not Rihanna, I don't love the way you lie.))

Larry was a little... Nervous, to say the least. He had invited Franziska to the park where they had met that night... Larry glanced at his watch. "It's really unlike her to be late!" He said to himself, surprised. Larry wondered how his fiancé had changed since he had proposed.

[Bittersweet Memories]
Larry looked at the goofy picture that he had posed in with his best friends, a long time ago. It brought a smile to his face. (Hey, that reminds me of that time...) Larry frowned, recalling the memory. He remember in his third grade class, he was the new kid. The young Larry was just about to leave school when he noticed a small group of boys from his class annoying this other little girl, also in Larry's class. He didn't particularly know her, but he knew she was quiet, usually sitting in the back and reading. "Hey, how do you like reading, nerd?" The largest of the group was talking, and then he pushed her over, causing her to drop her books and fall on her bottom

((Part 2/2)) Larry chuckles, looking at the picture. "Remember when Nick got his badge back? That was quite the party..."

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