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(s)afe place for poc & lgbt+  inactive but leaving up

so... sadly im not here to stay. i mainly wanted to see how everyone was doing and how the fandom was. im gonna deactivate again tonight (im sorry for being here such a short time), but if you guys wanna keep in touch with me, my instagram/twitter is @sierracelesteh and my snapchat is @voguelarryx . I LOVE YOU ALL <3

it feels so weird to be back... im not back to edit or anything, and i honestly dunno if ill stay online for long. i just been thinking about this account for a few weeks now and been wanting to login to say hi and see whats up in the fandom <3

im sorry about my last post and the rudeness. i was just really frustrated, still am tbh. but, these past... what, 2-3 years? have been amazing. i grew so much as a person and made so many friends. i hope i engraved something in your guys’ life (all good ofc!). i wouldnt do anything differently with running this account. its been amazing. and who knows, maybe a few months from now i will decide to come back. i will definitely be on this account almost everyday because im still in the fandom, just lowkey now. but i wont be making anymore edits. feel free to message me on my personal @sierracelesteh ! i love you all. thank you so so so so so much for everything. you guys really changed my life for the better. i seriously cannot express how thankful i am. o god im gonna cry lol take care my beauties <333
sierra xoxo

i give up on this account n editing. compared to other manip accounts and just in general, i get no feedback. thank you to those who liked my posts and commented and sent dms. i appreciate it more than words can express. i love you all so much. my personal account is @sierracelesteh incase you wanna keep following me somehow. thank you




^go check it out!!!^
im sure u guys can already guess what lou is holding (-;

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