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Lordy, lordy! (Or should I say “godsy, godsy”?) It’s Mike Forest’s birthday and this amazing guy is 89 today! Sounds immortal to me. What a pleasure and honor to know you and soak you up over the past few years! #startrek #startrekcontinues #apollogod #livinglegends #ohthestoriestheytell

Happy birthday to my latest partner in crime, @jchamp72! It’s okay, we’re professionals—or I’d never advise anyone to do this at home.* <
*Turn your back.

#wingmenwingingit #thetrekfiles #missionlogpodcast #roddenberry
#andmilestogobeforeisleep #trekofiles

Landing party reporting for duty, captain! Cadet Alice is the ONE redshirt I have no fear of following. I know our hair is all that will be mussed. #startrek #trekkids #raisethemright #redshirts

Have they thought about suing Trump for stealing their business model? Before he sues them for the same? #welcometo2018 #funnynotfunny

Starman, Stardoc, StarEP— I ran into them all at @yurisnight LA at @californiasciencecenter , celebrating real space and science along with a chunk of flyboys, fanboys, fangirls and glittergals. And waiters, science talkers, boothfolk and @improvisedgen too! @robert_picardo @narenshankar #carsplay @theexpansespace #startrek #voyager #tng #yurisnightla #realspace #inspiredbyscifi

It’s that day again...that sums up everything that makes Star Trek more than just another “franchise.” It really happens in 2063... it really happened in 1996... and THIS happened in 2015: my chat with @noellabella07 @noellhannibal who was the first “official” Vulcan woman (sorry, T’Mir) on Earth. Check out the refreshed links on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and the ol’ Trekland blog! Noelle has a great live music career and fanbase too—and she may be at a con near you!

So much #startrek news and opinions in the crosshairs to deep dive tonight—and the Portales were up to it! I always learn something at our Ask Dr. Trek Roundtable /US edition. Getting the recording and chat out now, because the headlines keep ashiftin’. #cbsparamountmerger #startrek4 #tarantinotrek #discovery

Best Happy Birthday ever with @marina_sirtis @the_real_marina_sirtis : with the Italians fans, when they sang to her at dinner and she cut her own cake! @DeepCon #startrek #tng

Yes, it IS fun to consider what kind of sane, FACT-based laws and policy we’d get from Congress with a whole House-ful of actual scientists like @jessphoenix2018 ! I met Jess a year ago as this practicing volcanologist began her run for Cal’s 25th District (Simi Valley to Santa Clarita) and her #Jess2018 event Monday night reflected the rational intersection of science, politics, and, yes, #StarTrek style diversity, problem-solving and future-leaning optimism. How ironic that “silly Hollywood” sci-fi now represents the rational counter to fake news and “truthiness”. Jess of course has many interests besides science policy, climate change and education... In or out of her 25th, I urge you vote and/or support her for the June 6 primary and then ousting Steve Knight in November. And more Monday pics to come!

Vader selfie! (or is that crossing the streams?) with these @trekcontinues and @whenthetrainstops yahoos at #WonderCon! I guess cabin fever comes in all sizes and floors. @vicmignogna @idatedfabio @lisakhansell @heather.g.young @theincrediblehusk @_ricoanderson @pirateroberts

Not my photo... but had to boost signal, again, for all #StarTrek: From the DC #MarchForOurLives and thank you @breeliciously via Twitter. Dr. McCoy (and De) would indeed approve this message. #TOS #imadoctornota #teachersofinstagram

Fave #cosplay of Saturday @WonderCon—and per Diana, a sure sign of a proud legacy of inspiration, @dawsonroxann ! #startrek #voyager #fearlessandfierce #womeninscifi #

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