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Larry Beard  My passion is and always will be to ride, capture and share the ocean I love. Mahalo Order Ocean Fine Art and Printing at

Recently I had a chance to head out to Death Valley. To be more specific Badwater Basin. Badwater is the lowest spot in North America at approximately 280 feet below sea level. Death Valley averages less than 2 inches of rain a year making it the dries spot in the country. It also averages 116° in the month of July and topped out at a record-breaking 136° making it the hottest place on earth. These are some staggering facts about this beautiful place.

I was fortunate to find this small pond surrounded by a thick salt crust with unique formations. This was a small island surrounded by the water. My first step getting close to the water I sunk straight to my knees in thick clay mud. Quite an adventure and worth every minute for this beautiful moment.

In the background below this stunning sunset is the Panamint mountain range featuring Telescope Peak as its highest point. Telescope Peak tops out at just over 11,000 feet. You can see there was still snow on this beautiful mountain range. Pretty amazing considering we were in the hundred degree weather.

I hope you enjoy this photo.
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Check out these two new fans of ours. Celebrating their first art pieces. So cute. Reminds me of our girls when they were small.

Ending Day two of our four day show. Come check us out at the Del Mar Fairgrounds San Diego. Booth #5000 . #ArtCollection #SoCute #Art #waveart #Ocean #Wave

What an awesome day one at the Fred Hall show. We're on our last hour here and then going home to print more art. Make sure to come by in the next three days. We have a big raffle going on. Plus mention this post and get a free print.

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Thanks and mahalo
Del Mar Fairgrounds San Diego
March 23rd-26th

Getting the sunrise from above the fog. Last week we had a few days of fog with and nothing to shoot. So I drove up the hill to the backside of San Clemente. I got this beautiful spring scene. Dew drops all over the flowers. Sun beaming over the fog in the valley below. Amazing how a little drive can change your view. Hope you enjoy. I did. LOL

#Sunrise #Fog #SuperBloom #SuperBloom #CanonUSA #Project365

By the way we will be in Del Mar at a four day show from Thursday till Sunday. Come see us and say hi. Mention this post and get a free print.

Earlier this week I posted a video working on @_d.broadway_ file for this 24 x 36 HD aluminum. Dwayne stopped by this morning to pick up his piece. To say the least he was super pumped on this stunning piece of art. Turn your photos into captivating pieces of art. Thanks Duane I love printing your amazing art. #HDMetal #HDAluminum #ArtOnAluminum

Got Death Valley?

I got a chance to do a quick trip to death Valley. Tony Prince and I were only there for about 15-16 hrs. But boy were we able to maximize our time. We got to Bad Water to shoot the sunset, then took a couple hours sleep, woke up at 2 AM and drove to Mesquite dunes where I shot this photo, then to Zabriskie Point to shoot the sunrise. Them the 5 Hour drive home.
The Milky Way season is back now. I was so happy to be standing under the stars seeing the Milky Way stretch from north to south. I really missed seeing this stunning view. You can't help but feel that we are a small part of this vast universe.

Any questions or comments on the Milky Way? #MilkyWay #DeathValley #NightSkies #LongExposure #Moon #MesquiteTunes #NightPhotography #CanonUSA

Flashback Friday

It is always fun to scroll through old photos and see how far you have come. But once in a while you see one that even by today's standards's holds up. One of my favorite old shots done up in chrome.
Have a great Friday and mahalo

#FlashbackFriday #Ocean #Black-And-White #Beach #Water #WaterPhotography #CanonUSA #Surfline #Aquatech #Project365

Day 53 of Project 365

There is a reason they call the best light "the gold an hour" . In the early morning the lighting is unbelievably stunning. If this was shot mid day it would be very flat and lackluster. Definitely a huge plus to getting up early. Any name suggestions for this one?

#Pelicans #Sunrise #GoldInHour #CanonUSA #Project365

Day 52 of Project 365

Yesterday was the funnest session I've had in a little while. We had some decent swell with very clear and clean conditions. The sun kept dancing between the clouds to give me this pretty moody scene. With the challenging winter we've had, I was absolutely in heaven. I animated this still photo to give you a better sense of what I was seeing. You can email me at and I will send you a link and instructions to download this to your computer, iPhone, or iPad. Then you can share it with your friends. Thanks and mahalo. #Cinemagraph #Wave #Animation #Beach #Ocean #Aquatech #project365

Day 51 of Project 365

After a few days of shooting big storm surf, it was nice to get a image of the most majestic creatures on the planet. I guess I just love the way they glide above the waves.
#pelican #OceanLife #MajesticBirds #IWishICouldDoThe #Project365

Day 50 of Project 365

Tonight's sunset. Pretty amazing. #Sunset #Amazing #Canon

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