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Lana  I do stuff. πŸ’•@ajcutmuscle

Blurred out my nipply dipply doo dahs for the Instagram police.
One of my fave sets on my website- go check it!

Why have one lana when you can have two? Neither can pull their pants up properly obv

Don't understand how people can wear makeup on the beach: melty melterson. Yes I realise im not on a beach in this picture but i went there after K.
Also Iv had this bikini since I was 17 and it still fits. Not sure if that's a good or a bad thing?!

Was gunna do a "front or back?" kinda post but basically the front looked like the lovechild of a crack head and a racoon so....back it is

Welcome to the jungle bitch.
Check out the full set on my site, featuring @xcararubyx sticking ivy leaves to my rude bits with sellotape.
Oh the glamour.

Minus the makeup bag and suddenly i am a twelve year old boy in a wig.
I won't ask who likes the makeup free look, coz frankly I can't be arsed to make an effort every day so basically....tough tittiemagigers if you don't like it.
I like giving my skin time to breath (plus am v v lazy. Mainly lazy if I'm being honest)

60% leg 20% hair 20% Aperol spritz

Am currently a walking ball of snot and flem so here's a picture of when I wasn't

Holding my wig on and showing off my shoe.
Apparently. Who fucking knows.

Cut off my forehead coz it's rather generous πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ

Oh you caught me casually stretching by this wall

"Oi Take a picture of me with the flowers "🌺 absolute fabourite new dress thanks @primark for saving my broke ass #notaspon #imtooshitforthat #primania

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