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Terri Berry  I'm just a girl tryin' to make it in this crazy thing we call life. And sometimes, I just wanna dance! But mostly, I just want to drink new beers.

Sometimes I like to snuggle Argentine black and white tegus. She was unimpressed... #vettechlife #tegu #reptiles

Sick with a cough and a throat on fire.... Husband knows how to fix a poopy day. Ice cream! Yaaaaay! Rainbow sprinkles are essential to happiness ❤️

Despite popular belief, @kilt_lifter didn't do anything wrong today.... Just havin' a pint at #brewdog in Glasgow ❤

A rainy Scottish day soothes the soul. #glenfinnanviaduct #honeymoon

Moss in the Elgin cathedral ruins. #scotland

Cats rule Reykjavik. No strays; they all belong to the name on their tag. #catlady #reykjavik #love

Strokkur geyser. Not the largest, but the most predictable on the Golden Circle. It is bested by the Great Geyser, but it has not erupted in over 17 years. Icelanders are waiting for another earthquake to wake it up. It tickles me that, to others, it's pronounced "Geezer." @kilt_lifter and I are in love with Iceland so far.

@nickerus_barks thought he'd show off his artistic skills and sketch his interpretation of me.... #vettechlife #catlady #myforeheadisnotthatbig

We might be staving off alcohol for the month, but that doesn't mean we still can't drink in style. #nightin #gingerbeer

The perils of "super sweet and laid back" intact male German Shepherds... #vettechlife

The most appropriate answer from a pet owner 😆

Late day with the sister wives. Guess what they are! ;) #heydrandy #vettechlife #babies #radiography

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