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Lest we forget, today is Patriot’s Day, commemorating the battles of Lexington and Concord, fought on April 19, 1775 (and a state holiday in Massachusetts, so why am I at work today?). Some colonial-era pieces proudly on permanent display in our galleries #metmuseum #metarmsandarmor #patriotsday #kentuckyrifle #americansilver #powderhorn

These are for you @marina.viallon In addition to braids, the horse also had painted hooves! She is a Hanoverian Arabian mix, we were told. Very beautiful. #umassamherst #livestockclassic

Why fakes matter. Forgeries of armor and weapons were being made by the late 18th century, through the 19th and 20th centuries and the practice continues today. We are fortunate to have a good collection of fakes, many of them acquired in the early 20th century and well documented. They illustrate an important and often unrecognized aspect of the history of collecting #metmuseum #metarmsandarmor #fakes #forgeries #armor #artmarket

German breastplate ca. 1475, a clean, well made, very honest example, with the added bonus of an early painted inscription on the interior and a shot of the file note with scholarly commentary on the inscription by Stuart Pyhrr and Helmut Nickel in 1979, nearly 40 years ago (!) It will be several more years before these invaluable notes are transferred from the thousands of original object cards to the database, but that is the long range plan #metmuseum #metarmsandarmor #breastplates

And while in the 17th century, a Scottish claymore and a sash sword to extend the range of types we can show through some very fine examples #metmuseum #metarmsandarmor #claymore #swords

17th century swords of various types; working on possible pieces for display in relation to the late armor in gallery 371 #metmuseum #metarmsandarmor #swords

And now looking at 17th century things for possible display to balance the 16th century pieces posted last week; this lovely cuirass for a very small boy (note the stapler for scale), attributed to Brescia, ca. 1640-60, by the great Italian arms specialist Lionello Boccia several years ago (acc. no.29.158.384a-c) #metmuseum #metarmsandarmor #boysarmor #brescia

And perhaps a Saxon estoc and a Swiss saber. Looking also at a mid century carbine and a small cannon barrel, all to juxtapose with the armor in the Bloomberg Equestrian Court to show what the armored men were up against- and of course to get rare and important objects from our permanent collection on display. Post three on this topic; that’s all -for now #metarmsandarmor #metmuseum

Following yesterday’s post, some maces join the group. Hopefully a nice ensemble for installation this summer #metarmsandarmor #metmuseum #maces

Looking at some axes and war hammers for possible display. Good things that should be on view. Maces up for consideration next. Best part of the job #metarmsandarmor #metmuseum #axes #warhammer

Asbury Park on a blustery March day #newjerseyshore #familytime #brucespringsteen #asburypark

International Woman’s Day in the Arms and Armor collection #metarmsandarmor #metmuseum #internationalwomenday

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