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Alanah Gaskell  🎀Tahlia Patricia Thomson 🎀✨✨Industry castings 🎬 , PrOMo GiRLiE ✨✨ Sc👻alanahx9x

No better feeling ✔️, healthy tea ✔️hotbath✔️snuggles with my liccle angel✔️early night ✔️house smells of fresh washing ✔️✔️✔️goodnight 🌙🌙🌙

💯 looking back on last year it was defiantly a eye opener and lesson well learnt it takes time to find yourself again when you didn’t relise you was so lost as a person it takes time to readjust your life again when you was so used to living it a certain way for so long I think im finally on the right path you need to learn to let go everything happens for a reason good and bad don’t dwell on the past just look forward to the future . Everything’s going in the right direction this year saved and paid for so much already I’m so positive and so happy at the moment with my little life have everything around me I need my beautiful little angel face my tahleybum a handful of friends I don’t need anymore and a loving family keep my self to my self that’s the way I like it ✨👩‍👧❤️🏡⭐️🌈🦋 not matter how hard it may seem just keep going you will get there in the end believe in yourself it’s so sad to see another beautiful person gone with so much going for them you never no what a person really thinks or feels I’m the best at hiding my true feelings I always put on a front that I’m ok and hide behind a mask I come a cross as hard face but deep down I’m far from that person be kind and helpful towards others always you never no how they really feel ❤️⭐️❤️

Such a good night with my beautiful girly ✨💃🏾🥳 feeling it today tho even tho I was fast asleep for 4 i feel absolutely terribleeee lots of food films and early night for me 😴😴😴😭 😂🤦🏽‍♀️

Sonny fedora readyyyy🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

Back piece started next Sitting this Monday I Carnt wait for it to be complete @dannyrobinsontattoo , quote at the bottom left corner , THOSE THAT WANDER ARNT ALWAYS LOST 🦋✨🦋 #lostsoul #freespirit #leo #strength #fiesty

🌍📚🌍📚❤️❤️My liccle Matilda for world book day , she’s two cute shes literally like the character she always wants to go to the library and read books soon as she’s home from school she wants to do her home work she sits on google maps studying where me and her dad houses are rather than YouTube bless her my liccle geeky girl love her so much 🌍📚🌍📚❤️❤️


@mariaharris91x these two are so cute together had such a lovely day at the sandcastle 💖💙

@jaydeeastwood20 @mariaharris91x @jesswoolouise bluddy every time 😂😂😂

Fun filled week with the kids 🎢🎡⛸❤️

@lamiaadavy youu sexyyyy gurrrllll when we ruined our life in London I need a proper night out in London again soon 💯 💃🏾💃🏾

My little puddings at swimming the other day #bestfriendsforlife , Carnt wait to get my chunka munka back tomorrow 🤗🤗💖😁💖😁🤗🤗

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