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So I was looking for a PT belt for drills this weekend and found this gem! Lol. Used for the same price as a new one. #gottalovetheinternet #ptbelt #didnteventrytomakeitlooknice

Channeling my inner Daenerys Targaryen. It's a little lighter than I had thought it would be but will balance out with a couple washes. #newhair #daenerystargaryen #reallyblonde #perfectforhowclumsyiam #iwasblondeasachild

You must clear the cache! Lol. #insidejoke #aitfun #computerssucksometimes

I got to see most of my brothers and sisters today for the first time since I got home! #siblings #whyamitheshortest #inorderbyage

A little over 18 weeks and I'm back home ❤ #missedtheseguys #almosthome

Ordered my steak medium rare in SC and i got a well done steak after they told me they could cook it medium rare for me when I asked. Wasn't bad but it wasn't medium rare... my friend ordered chicken alfredo and got chicken parmesean... #dudethatsnotwhatiordered #didnthavetimetowaitforthemtofixit #notmediumrare #thisisnotokay

I've learned alot in the past 5 months, some things the hard way. I've had my ups and downs. I've met amazing people and I've met people I hope I never see again. I've laughed, I've cried, I've yelled, I've been yelled at. I've had people calm me down, I've helped others calm down. I've slept outside in the freezing cold in holes I dug with my battles. I've marched in the rain through the night and I've sweated more than I've ever sweat before. I've struggled and fought to reach goals that were difficult for me but easy for others. I knew that this would be a challenge for me. After I got here, I doubted myself over and over again. I kept going and refused to quit even though I had moments where I wanted nothing but to be back home. I'm grateful for this experience. Especially the hard parts. I'm proud that I can say I am graduating next week. I can't wait to be home and it's an experience I'll never forget. #thisarmylifeiscrazy #stronger #wiser #challenge #homesick

Sent out my last post cards today. Maybe they'll get there before I do, maybe they won't.... #postcard #writehome #missyouguys #arewethereyet

From then til now. You've been such a blessing to everyone in your life. I'm lucky to have you. Happy 3rd birthday Landon!

Field training went pretty well. We weren't allowed to have phones out when we weren't on breaks but I got a few good photos of me with some of my favorite gals. I expected the mock war setting to be a lot different but I still learned a few things. #fieldtraining #FTX #battlebuddies #mostofitwasindoors #m16 #didntevengettogototherange

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