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Larissa Zitzman  Creating lovely things one day at a time. Come see my latest project or recipe at the link below.


They say you can’t out run a bad diet. I feel like testing that theory today. I did have 3/4 a Lara Bar for breakfast AND this does have an avocado on it. So that is something. Also I shared like ONE whole chip with one of my kids (meaning I didn’t eat all myself😆). I am a giver. #lunchatfouroclock OR #dinneratfouroclock I will let you know what I decide. #larissaeatsherfeelings

My run was magical this morning. I haven’t felt this good on an outdoor run in MONTHS. I give credit to the soundtrack that just keeps on giving. Are you guys sick of me talking about The Greatest Showman yet? Sorry, not sorry. #larissaruns #cantstopwontstop #thegreatestshowman #larissaexercises #iheartexercising #hokarunning

Anybody else miss our #internationalfoodsundayeats? We took a little break over the holidays because we were busy stuffing our faces with holiday favs. But last night we brought it back with Hungarian 🇭🇺 food. We made paprikash (pictured), borsofozelek (pea side dish—and no I can’t pronounce it), and pogasca (cheese biscuits). We decided that with a few tweaks (omitting some of the spice) we would definitely have it all again. I really like the paprikash. You should give it a try! #larissacooks #whatsfordinner #internationalfood #hungarianfood

I have been cleaning straight for too many hours to mention. I have accomplished maybe 15% of what needs to be done. Consequently, I am GUH-RUMMM-PY. Upon being asked for a favor by one of my mess makers, I cautioned him to think twice before asking me citing the mood mentioned above. He inquired why I was grumpy, which was odd because I had already explained this to him 20 minutes prior. Showing great patience I repeated, “I have been cleaning all day mostly by myself, so I am grumpy.” His response... “Well it was your choice to clean.” Patience gone. Last smidgin of good feelings gone, and as my Dad would say “I brought you into this world and I can take you out of it.” Many little someones better tell me I am pretty, buy me some flowers, and get me dinner. Oh and they had better clean up after themselves...at least today. #larissathemom #larissaslittlemen #areonmypooplist

Trying to get on top of the boys’ classroom Valentines this year. Still loving this one from last year. Kinda wishing I could just repeat it this year. 😬 Link to the printable and where I got the gummy pizzas is in my profile. #classroomvalentines #valentines #plizzabemine #imsopunny #larissaanotherdayblog

Yummiest homemade banana streusel muffins ya ever did eat. Recipe from @katrinaskitchen Look for Coffee Shop Banana Streusel Muffins. Now if only I had a bunch of overripe bananas to bake up some more. Happy Monday! #larissabakes

Hey Space Cowboy, you are my favorite blue-eyed son (the rest are all brown eyed 😉). On a side note, this was the first real sewn costume I ever made. Oldest wore it when he was a year older then blue eyes here. It is worn and missing bits, but it is still loved and played with. What a sad day when I have no more littles that fit into this Buzz Lightyear costume. #ourlittlemisterbean #larissasews #larissawaxespoetic

Trampoline and foam pit shenanigans to get us out of the house. #ourlittlemisterbean #larissaslittlemen

Wise words full of love and heavenly guidance. Thank you President Monson for decades of selfless service. We love you. #imamormon

This is the first Sunday in over 6 years that I won’t be serving with these sweet young women. It is bittersweet to end the year this way. It has been 6 glorious years and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. I have loved each and every girl as my own. I hope they know that and always remember that. And my sweet girls—none of you look anything but beautiful in all of these pictures so you best not say otherwise! I love you.
#larissainyw 👆🏻#retiringthathashtagfornow

Ya know what’s more exotic and magical then these shoes and that totally natural thumb through the belt loop??? The Greatest Showman. 🎪🥜🐘 Guys. I can’t even. The music. The story. The eye candy...I mean the talented actors. What can’t Hugh Jackman do? But seriously! It was fan-freaking-tastic. Family friendly and The Hubs liked it too even though it was basically a musical. So just go and see it already! It definitely should be seen in the theater! #GreatestShowman #larissathemoviecritic

Christmas is down and put away. Till next year our little army of Santas. Do you guys clean up super early or let it linger a little longer?

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