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Larissa Zitzman  Creating lovely things one day at a time. Come see my latest project or recipe at the link below.

Back-to-school mini date. School clothes shopping and froyo.
You: King of squinty eye smiles. Can’t pick a favorite dessert. Wearing 3T shorts and yes they are too short. Ready for first grade.
Me: Embracing the no make up look. Declared my favorite dessert was brownies. Bravely asked the worker to take a photo because the selfie game was not on point. Wondering where the time has gone.
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When you forbid your kid to be a high schooler because there is no way you are old enough for that, and he goes ahead and does it anyway. No respect. Registration ✅. Activity card ✅. Mother curled in fetal position ✅. #ourmisteroldest #oldestgoestohighschool #imnotoldenough #larissaslittlemen #thismommaandherboys

Our #internationalfoodsundayeats failsafe is some good old Indian Food. Five out of six of us adore this Butter Chicken...the other one has been shunned. Any guesses who it is? Here is a hint: you’ll be surprised. 😆 The Hubs’ homemade naan is THE best. We cheat a little and make coconut rice to go with it instead of traditional basmati. I’ll link the recipe for the rice in my profile. Also, sorry for all the food posts, but it seems to be the only thing creative and makerish thing that I am doing nowadays. #larissacooks #jadiprecipes #larissaanotherdayrecipe #butterchicken #naan #indianfood #getinmybelly

Sundays—the day for cookies the size of one’s head. Swipe for the special inside surprise. Cookies were taken to others and split between people to avoid a complete house diabetic comma. Tall glass of milk highly recommended. #larissabakes #cookies #chocolatepeanutbutter

May I introduce you to the easiest dinner on the planet. Chicken Pillows. Yes that is what we call them. Feel free to call them whatever you want including delicious.

2 cups cooked chicken (mine is homemade canned chicken)
8 oz cream cheese
1/2 tsp garlic salt
2 pkg crescent rolls
4 TBS butter, melted
1/3 cup Italian bread crumb

Preheat oven to 375
Mix chicken, cream cheese, and garlic salt.
Add heaping spoonful to each crescent roll. Roll up, tucking all that goodness inside.
Dip top in butter followed by the bread crumbs. Place on cooking sheet.

Bake for 15-17 minutes, until golden brown.


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I talk a lot about Oldest playing the piano. He got that skill from his dad. Playing the piano is super sexy and it one of the first times I wanted to straight up swoon over my husband when we first started dating. Right after his smooches.😍💏 Go to my stories for a little peek...of the piano not the smooches. 😆 #larissaandspencer #thewifeandthehubs #thehubsplayspiano

Japanese food for the win. The Hubs made the most divine sushi tonight. I was responsible for the tempura veggies. I also made mochi for the first time. It may or may it have been Americanized by the use of jello to flavor it. 😆😆 We love our sushi around here and I am digging our in house sushi chef. He is the dreamiest.
#internationalfoodsundayeats #sushi #japanesefood #larissacooks #thehubscooks #hubsthesushichef

I ❤️ Sundays. That’s it. The end.
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The Hubs brought these plums home from our local fruit stand. They were beyond amazing. Summer fruit is my favorite.

Tomorrow is #internationalfoodsundayeats where we cook up an international recipe for dinner. I am trying to figure out what to put on the menu. Last week we made schnitzel and spaetzle which we have now made several times because it was voted the family favorite of all the international recipes. But I kind of want to try something new. Any suggestions? #larissacooks

Brothers don’t shake hands, brothers gotta hug. #namethemovie Even if it is just a side hug. The summer absent of the bucket list continues. Today I finally got my fanny in gear and took the boys to the pool. It wasn’t too shabby a way to celebrate the first day of August. #ourmisterlittle #ourlittlemisterbean #summersansbucketlist #larissaslittlemen #thismommaandherboys

Word on the street is that it is a certain wizards birthday today. Thanks Harry for being born, sure wish I was back at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter sipping on a frosted butterbeer. #butterbeer #happybirthdayharrypotter

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