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Larisa Braun  Organic Mom of 2 / IIN Holistic Health Coach Gluten Free / Plant Based. 🇨🇦. Los Angeles. Milwaukee.

#Brewers Family Day 2018 ❤️

Happy Birthday America 💥. #gobrewers #loveyouc

Homemade Berry Ice Cream, jk it’s nana cream but my kids don’t have to know that. Though, c always asks me why Im buying so many bananas. If you have ripe bananas, peel them, chop them, and throw them in the freezer in a bag. When they’re frozen, throw them in a food processor with mango, berries, Pb, or even cacao powder. Make it however it sounds best to you. Blend it up till it gets nice and creamy and scoop it up like this 👆🏼. Happy July 3/4th! 💥 🎇

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Haven’t glazed my hair in at least 2 months so I attribute this shininess to my new fave shampoo and conditioner #kai. It’s #clean and made in #Malibu , albeit expensive-I’m into it 🙈.

After Celine was born, i realized how important eating healthy was. If i wanted a chance at having enough energy to make it through the day-without coffee, I was going to have to really hone it in. Whenever I feel like i’m living underwater or just can’t get into the groove of things, I drink this.

I used to portion it out but this mix is the best thing to ever happen to my #momlife. This is my Chocolate Energy Latte, a bit like the ‘No Coffee Coffee’ but much better. Even Ryan said ‘i’d drink that’. So,  you know. I consider that a great endorsement.
If you’re wondering what all of these mystery ingredients do I’ll give you a tiny bit of info. 1. Maca-great for energy and hormone balancing 2. Cacao: great for antioxidants and energy 3. Tocos: lots of beautifying minerals and makes things taste so smooth 4. Cordyceps: great for boosting immunity 5. Reishi: the king mushroom, also great for boosting immunity to viral infections such as the flu. 6. Cinnamon and cayenne: antioxidants and fires up the body and cuts down on mucus in the body. Plus, it makes it taste all Mexican hot chocolatey and covers up the flavors of the maca/mushrooms.
All of this and none of the acidity and addiction that comes when you drink coffee 👊🏼. Chocolate Energy Latte
1/2 cup cacao
1/2 cup maca
1/2 cup of tocos
2 tbsp + 1/2 tsp cordyceps
2 tbsp + 1/2 tsp reishi
1.5 tsp cayenne
2.5 tsp cinnamon

Whisk all ingredients together. Store in a mason jar or airtight container in the pantry. Shake well before every use to evenly distribute the ingredients.
To make your latte or tea, shake up your jar or stir with a spoon, then take 2-3 tbsp of mixture and add it to a blender with 8-12 oz of boiling water and 4-8 oz. of homemade non dairy milk. Turn the blender on and whip it up till it’s frothy. Pour into a glass and enjoy.

Isn’t @kayceesogard the most fabulous 3rd time mama-to-be? #sogardsloadthebases #brewers #berniebrewer

Easy cheese swap that takes thirty seconds to make. Leave the garlic powder out if your kids are picky and they won’t know the difference. Plus, easy way to get some B Vitamins (from the nutritional yeast) into a child’s beloved ‘plain pasta’. 🙈 #health #vegan #vegetarian #cheeze #veganparm #mom #momlife #momoftwo #toddler #bbg

Banana Bread Loaf #6482 and it’s almost ready. Healthy Banana Bread thats GF and Vegan, it’s no joke.
#bananabread #healthy #gf #glutenfree #vegan #healthcoach #bbg #sugarfree #bananas

You guys have to try these Mini Cookie Dough Fudge Pops from @ohsheglows, such a good little treat and so easy to make! Ps we cheers to everything.

Wives Summer Luncheon, Gorgeous and such a treat per usual. Thank You Debbie 🙏🏼. #brewers #prettyfriends

#Chocolate Chips and #Cookie Dough. It’s the little things. Ps they’re #GF and #Vegan, yet soooo yum. #bakingday recipe in my last cookie post ❤️.

If you’re a mom you know how hard it is to find a babysitter or nanny that you trust. I’ve finally given up and accepted that I’m just going to have to work on my business with them by my side and holy moly, they are the best. Kids. Ever. We may make huge messes in the kitchen that take soooo long to clean up once they’ve gone to bed but I’m so glad they love cooking and creating as much as I do. Ps these photos for Ryan on Father’s Day. I die. All smiles motivated by #pressedjuicery green juice gummy bears.

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