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Arina  My soul is filled with Lana Art lover, Nature lover, Dreamer also i can’t live without music

•Ugly boys

•Innocence lost

•Thrifted babies 🖤

•The anonymous
I have pictures of cats more than i have pictures of myself.

•The combination of art

•The unread book
I think as long as you are young you need to experience and try to train your own thoughts to be able to create something of your own, because when you grow old you’re gonna have plenty of time to read other people’s thoughts and experiences


A pure angel and a literal evil at the same time

When you have the ability to feel too much and feel very deeply, you’ll become depressed.

•The loner in the forest

Lil witch🕸🕷
Someone asked me if i’m a real witch bitch I WISH

It took me finish this whole bottle of vodka to find out that it was fake☠️
At least the bottle is cute so :/

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