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L a r i  AMS || Fashion Design+Technology: creative pattern cutting || Self-taught jewellery designer + founder of @shop_arctite


Living room

Jacket stitching details 🍭 🍭

In 2001, scientists searching for the blackest of all blacks found it on the wings of a tropical butterfly. Butterfly's wings are made from scales, of which each is a single cell colored by pigments. The scales structure traps the light, leading to it being absorbed.
Of all pigments, Blue is one of the rarest and most animals are not able to produce it.

Just hands everywhere

invisible touch

Everything is calm here. I woke up today with the sun in my face and felt a hundred percent at peace.

Minimal Pudding

In my house

January 17

Self portrait

(Just a little snipped from a film) Ellie wearing my PVC jacket and digitally printed dress on the beach in the freezing cold

Very bold Color Block Dress from my DEGRADATION collection

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