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Grant  Building/riding/buying/selling old Harley's and parts, co-founder of Born-Free email [email protected] for details on parts

Huge thanks to the good folks at @harleydavidson who have become family to us for sponsoring 5 dudes racing 70-plus year old Harley's with life blood for these old beasts in the form of H-D 50wt oil!!! Changing the oil every race on at least 5 bikes gets spendy when you buy the good stuff, so this is the perfect contribution from the best in the biz! That and the awesome USA made sweater blanks! #frontiersmenracing #frontiersmen #harleydavidson #theoriginaloriginal #tankshiftracing #knucklehead #flathead #harleywl #harleywr #harleywldr #harleyjdh ❤️❤️❤️

How not to start a race by yours truly-on the ground😑 you win some and you lose some BUT I still Had a fantastic time today at the @hellonwheelsmc race in Lake Elsinore on possibly my new favorite TT track! Even though By the time picked my bike up and got it started again I was pretty much a whole lap behind I still managed to catch up and pass at least one person before the checkered flag which @hotrodford took first, @go_takamine took second, and @blackboard_al took third in the tank shift class. We had another big group of hand shift riders today (10 I think) and can't imagine having more fun doing anything else on such a nice day!
Everyone that races at the @hellonwheelsmc loves racing old motorcycles and I realized a while ago that no matter what the sewing circles, or nay-Sayers have to put down, I love people that Genuinely LOVE what they do!!! Afterall it's sure easy to do nothing and talk smack, anyone can do that!! No one is getting rich or famous off this stuff and no one there cares-it's great!! 😊 thanks Meatball and crew for continuing to do this and everyone that shows up to race time and time again. Makes me happy that we can have such unadulterated fun with our friends on old motorcycles❤️ Oh and thanks for @moonshiners13racing for the humbling photo🙃 #hellonwheelsracing #racemotorcycleshavefun #racemotorcycleshavefun #racemotorcycleshavefun #racemotorcycleshavefun #frontiersmen #frontiersmenracing #racemotorcycleshavefun #tankshiftracing #racemotorcycleshavefun

Gone too soon... 🙃

Happy St Patrick Day and a flash back to this amazing Hollywood Green original paint 1938 Harley U me and @funkymonkeytrading found a couple years ago. Possibly the one bike I truly regret selling. Keep hoping I'll see the new owner with it on the road or at least pics. 🍀☘🍀☘ #harleyUL #originalpaint #hollywoodgreen #1938

Help spread the word! We had to reschedule the party this Saturday in LA until April 15th. Get your bikes ready! Thanks!

Finally built a set of dedicated wheels for knobbies since we seem to primarily do TT/Scramble type races here on the west coast. The narrow star hub from @mullinschaindrive fits nice into the narrow/supple forks from @vardmfg got a nice new straight 18" Kh style rim from @replicantmetals and a front rim from @buchananspokes laced em up myself and @motorcycletirecenter_oc mounts em up with rubber. Should be already for the race in Lake Elsinore this Sunday put on by @hellonwheelsmc @hellonwheelsracing and as always if you like people kicking the crap out of old machines than these races are for you! Lots of different classes too, not just us tank shifters. #hellonwheels #tankshiftracing #frontiersmen #frontiersmenracing #knucklehead #racemotorcycleshavefun #racerswanted

For sale, old chrome 45" Harley Flathead cam cover $110 shipped in the USA text/call 7146865464 @chopperswapper #chopperswapper

Bridge over nose waters... #californiagold

Rode through Santa Paula today looking for Steve McQueen and found the birth place of Union Oil. #Santapaula #therewillbeblood

Over 100 years later it still holds true.

Possibly the best pizza on the planet...#pizza #knucklehead #shovelhead

Time flies! Saw this pic @nostalgiaonwheels posted of a 2009 Hot Bike Japan magazine of my Orange Shovelhead in its third version just before the complete redo into what it is now. From this pic the only parts I kept on the new build were the motor, front frame hoop, triple trees and the headlight (which I replaced yesterday). #shovelhead #conezone #coolstorybro

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