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laraedereryoga  Mom, wife, E-RYT 500 with @yoga_medicine. @athleta ambassador . Next 200 ytt 4/27/17 at yogabliss.org

The #yogihowdyoudothat3 ladies have me thinking outside the box which is great! I chose to do a headstand that was inspired by Edward Clark and his Tripsichore yoga practice with this double eagle variation. My “trick” is the wrap the arm that mostly likely let’s you get one hand flat as you need all the foundation you can muster. I’ll post a slightly sped up video showing my entrance and exit 😊

I came across this old gem - or at least I thought it had some sparkle. Right now there is so much dialogue on here about perspective and how much it can change by one’s experience or POV. If anything I love great dialogue and appreciate people who speak their truth. In my opinion we all have WAY too much stuff so if this will help change the appetite for clothes (or mats, or etc....) and we purchase with our conscience that could be a vast improvement. What do you think?

#yogihowdyoudothat3 - dhanurasana variation. I love this one ladies / great choice! There is such a beautiful side of this square and the practice of yoga....but recent dialogue that has discussed some of the dark and ugly side is overdue. I think you can practice asana and not be a yogi and be a yogi that doesn’t practice asana. Money and yoga can be such a negative combination though it is now a multi billion dollar business; it even shattered a friendship of mine I had treasured greatly. With that though we can learn, improve, and strive to remember the first 2 limbs!

Trying to figure out what I’ll do this weekend....JK! Took a hips workshop tonight with @elementofsri artist @kikasanayogi taught by @seanhaleenyoga (awesome and hilarious! Anatomy nerds unite!!!). Tomorrow Liam has baseball, the @sugarfactory (help me), Sunday a fun center, and rock climbing. I’m already thinking about my Monday nap!

Inspired by @yogamand in #yogihowdyoudothat3 challenge with a yogi dandasana armbalance. Instead of half bakasana I humbly tried to do a galavasana variation. If I’m warm can do this “better” but saving my strength for Class tonight with @seanhaleenyoga 🕉🔥. Hugs to @yogaandchaigirl @kamaste_ and @jeminajakin the hosts with the most!

#tbt plus #today - my son turned 9 today! On the left he was about 6 1/2 and had to reach up to kiss me. Today we’ll.....yes I’m leaning forward a bit but he’s gaining on me! Silly guy did a little dancer move of his own. Mama loves you SO much Liam Rhys 💙

I’ve been benched again - constantly inspired to do yogi dandasana poses and especially since I love the #yogihowdyoudothat3 gals and their poses. Going with a headstand variation to compliment the studio design. How did I do? @athleta #athletaambassador #powerofshe #powervita

Playing around with what goes up, must come down, and then go up again! Inspired by @cyogalab and her headstand variation....with some others for fun! Video skills are 🙄 but if you listen can hear my son sound like a chipmunk as I had to slightly speed it up for the 1 minute marker 😂.

Woke up this way.......if someone could bring a small cup of coffee with a straw (reusable of course!!!) and slide it under my face I might be able to get out! Sometimes it does seem being a yogi helps me sleep with the hubs, the dogs, and my son who still barrels in around 3 am 🤪🤪🤪. Wonder why I’m always tired?

#transformationtuesday - on the left my lotus handstand is from June 2013. My handstands were developing still but I was getting adventurous with variations. This is one of my first “lotus” holds - I say that generously as you can see there’s very little lotus. On the right is today - a much deeper lotus which (besides photography skills) is the big aha. I’m also really excited with how much narrower my hands are as they are more shoulder stability friendly. A narrower hand placement is so much more challenging and what I’m trying to do more of. I can also hold a dropped gaze and maintain the lotus whereas before would have face planted. Practice = progress!!!

I had a “how did you get into this” from @bentley.likethecar so babe (and anyone else wondering) here is a video! Sorry a bit dark but this is more how too than pretty pic post. My right side lotus is a little more open so I used that for this armbalance. Then - think eka pada koundinyasana and twist. The last bit of drama is the extension of the free leg and voila! Let me know what you think, if this helped, and if videos are 💙

This isn’t how I naturally bend - I’m more of a backbend / forward bend yogi. I’m not sure if my leg will ever be vertical or if the way my body is built, if it even could. Sometimes we can practice practice practice yet our structures won’t allow a certain expression. Guess what a it’s OK!! When the sun is on your face after a long, cold, wet winter how you savor the moment matters more. This fun dock ramp was rocking quite a bit today because so many boats were on the lake 🚣‍♀️ 🚣 🚢 🚢

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