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Laraine Giselle Lam 💋  Snippets of what i hold close to my heart 📇 www.Larainegiselle.blogspot.sg 🎥 snapchat: larainegiselle 👇latest cover 👇


I prefer the emptiness in me when I didn't know it was there

Have you ever loved a rose,
And bled against her thorns;
Swear each night to let her go,
Then love her more by dawn

When everything has been said and done,
All that's left is to trust God

#tbt 27.11
Thank you for being the person who loves me at my worse;
The one who cries with me on dirty bathroom floors,
Who catches me in mismatched shoes,
Thank you for being the one i can call when i get into shit,
even when you've warned me i would.
Thank you for loving me endlessly,
For letting me,
and all of me into your heart.
Thank you for being my person.
Happy birthday b ❤️

The truth is, I appreciated every moment,
every song,
every whisper,
every touch..

Thank you for giving me the best birthday I could ever ask for.
For loving me at my weirdest,
picking me up at my lowest.
Thank you for being the person i never saw coming,
but truly needed.
Thank you for helping me see the world in such a beautiful light.
Thank you for the nights you spent,
trying to cheer me up with chocolates and sweet nothings,
And for everything you are to me.
Thank you for giving me such a blessed birthday,
The one and only
I love you @kennalyn.choo ❤️

Did this in 2010.. didnt know what i was doing til it was finished. I wanted to show how people feel suffocated from emotions they never expressed.
I wanted to show them how i felt,

And how sometimes.. i stay up feeling like this..

Strangers in Moscow


An unquenchable thirst to self destruct;
It's the way im wired

Well you look like yourself
But you're somebody else,
Only it ain't on the surface.
Well you talk like yourself
No, I hear someone else though
Now you're making me nervous

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