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Lara G  wife💑 mama👦🏻👧🏻👶🏻

They love lounging around, I don't mind it either😊

Ezra enjoying being cuddled by grandma😄

In between naps😊

My babies❤️

Someone doesn't like to share his space😅

It's tiresome being handsome and dapper😭

No idea what they saw, but they're cute! #samsonandaria

Mama's photo-sessions aren't always welcomed with grace🤣 #MagicofChildhood

Samson showing Aria his stomping grounds #samsonandaria

This guy, as long as he's fed he's 👌🏻😄

Ezra enjoying this warm weather too🌞 #hipcub #hipstercub @hipcub #janestrollers @janestrollers

Aria and papa❤️