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二コル・ラパーガー  Create, inspire, repeat ✨ 🇯🇵✖️🇵🇭✖️🏳️‍🌈

What up y’all! Decided to drop a new track on my birthday!

Check out my soundcloud for the full version and stay tuned for some upcoming projects I have 👀

Me when I ask if we can take a twerking photo 🍑

“I’m obsessive and I love too hard, good at overthinking with my heart”

This line in this song resonated the most with me. I’ve got a big heart and people always tell me I fall and feel too deeply. Why? If I’m going to invest in you, I’m going to throw myself in beyond my own expectations. I’m self sacrificial when it comes to love because I honestly try to love unconditionally.

I also overthink way too damn much. Do they really love me? Are they going to leave me? Why did she ghost me? What did I do wrong?
There’s truth to each of my thoughts and during this time of self-discovery, I have noted what I need to switch my focus to. My faith, myself, and relationships dear to me.

I can be needy, but now I need to be patient with those around me and give those I love room to breathe and grow too. But that doesn’t mean I stop loving in the midst of the silence. I can love from a distance. Just a reminder to each of you- that you are loved and someone truly cares for you, even if you don’t see it. Keep growing, y’all ✨

Full song:

PHANTOM: a figment of the imagination 👻

Break necks, not hearts ❤️

One of the best and most memorable rave experiences thus far. Here’s to more 🥳

What if I dive deep? Will you come in after me?

You make me feel good
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First bumbershoot left me inspired to create more ✨

Livin’ life on the edge. 📸: @dabrunoo

Shout out to @eliseheartshair for the new mane! 🦁

Jet skiing ✔️

Appa, yip yip!