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La Pluma y La Tinta  A home for writers of color. Discover readings, submission calls, good reads & more. Péinate Anthology:

COVER REVEAL! The 2018 New Voices Anthology is launching on December 13; isn’t it the cutest?! Featuring 20 or so #newvoices vets, this might be our best anthology to date. Pre-order at: #laplumaylatinta #anthology

@pedro_godzilla still loves the feel of a book in his paws, while Freddie embraces the convenience that modern technology affords. But both agree: you should read Péinate: Hair Battles Between Latina Mothers & Daughters, and if you’re in the DMV area for the holidays, you should come to the DC launch and reading at @sankofadc, Saturday, November 24, at 2pm. #laplumaylatinta #péinatebook #reading #mondaymotivation

You’ve written some stuff you really like. You open up your notebook and read it over to yourself almost daily. You say, “this is as good as anything else out there that’s published.” We challenge you to prove it.
Apply to be a featured performer in the 2019 season of #laplumaylatinta’s #NewVoices reading series.
Send a short bio and a writing sample to: TODAY! 🤓

¡La fiesta no se acaba! We’re closing out the year same way we always do, with a small happy hour. Except this year there’s a twist: we’re also launching the 2018 New Voices Anthology on that night. So join us at @gambaforest on Thursday, December 13 at 6:30pm in Greenpoint. We’ll toast, read, laugh, and share good vibes for the upcoming year. #newvoices2018 #plumamingle18 #laplumaylatinta #gambaforest

“The more we wait, the tighter and better the curls,” Doña Maria said, looking over at me. “Your mother said she wants the perms to last the entire school year.”
I cringed, held hostage on the kitchen chair like a prisoner. I stared at the linoleum floor, worn and faded so that the pattern was barely visible anymore. I could smell and hear the frijoles bubbling in the kettle on her stove. The radio was always on. Doña Maria loved her Mexican novelas, which didn’t interest me one bit. She listened while she turned us into frizzy heads. I waited patiently for the rods to come off, dreading the outcome. As each rod came off, a tight curl was exposed. -�Lupe Ruiz-Flores, "Dońa Maria & Toni Perms"

Anyone else subjected to Toni Perms as a kid? Read Lupe’s experience, as well as that of many other Latinas, in Peínate: Hair Battles Between Latina Mothers & Daughters. Then come see us NEXT WEEK in DC: Saturday November 24, 2pm, @sankofadc

“Mayelín shut her eyes tightly and pictured
what it would be like to be the princess on the cup.
She was wearing a lavender dress and singing
a song she had never heard before yet was so familiar. " -Elaine Nadal, "Mayelín"

Join us for a reading from Peínate: Hair Battles Between Latina Mothers & Daughters, Saturday, November 24, at @sankofadc. See you then!!

Freddie and Polo don’t agree on much, but they both admitted to loving the artwork and poetry of the DECLARACIONES zine. Have you got your copy? Buy it now for just $5:

Buenos días, Pluma Fam! I hope your Friday is filled with music, soothing beverages, and art. (Book and mug courtesy of @bklynlibrary) #plumareads #bookamonth #laplumaylatinta

“My hair is what defined me for most of my life. ‘Pelo malo’ or ‘bad hair’ is what my mother and entire family would call it. I felt I was cursed."
-Carmen Inguanzo, "She Called It, 'Pelo Malo'"

Grab your copy of Péinate via Amazon or on Saturday, November 24 at @sankofadc. There are 21 other stories & poems to feast upon in this collection! #péinatebook #laplumaylatinta #pelomalo #poetry #fiction #essay

There’s still time. Go #vote!

“Whoever you are! claim your own at any hazard!
-TO YOU by Walt Whitman. #mondaymotivation

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