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Stuffing our faces with fries💗
#eatlikepigs #summerdays #friends #family #openwide

This is what my kids are doing tonight while I stay home with a sick babe 💦
#lagrangechezben #swimminginabarn #gypsy #party

Sick baby boy having a nap with papa💔
#howtodad #myman #mybaby

My feet are soo wide. I have trouble finding sandales that fit. I think these ones are ok. My friend found birkenstocks for me online for a good price. I wanted something fancy. Well, kinda fancy ✌🏼️Merci @annetremblay14 🙏🏻
#treatingmyself #birks #mybigfeet

Little bums🍑🍑🍑

Very rare picture of them together not moving or fighting❤️
#thanksgarfield #childhoodplugged

He seriously needed this nap🙏🏻

Miko took a picture of Loïk's and Laurier's fish 🐟

They really love fishing🙏🏻

Summer is made for playing! Outside, inside, playing with friends or not, going swimming at the park, at home or at the beach, making forts and even some Netflix from time to time. My kids have lots of imagination for role playing... But they also get really bored and fight. They are wild. They wanna use knives and use really sharp sticks to play and fight with. When I say fight it's like yelling at each other, hitting, pushing and not really knowing when to stop. Even as parents we don't really know how to deal with it. It drives us NUTS. I know it's normal. I try to not educate them to much now because when I control what they do sometimes it gets worse. But I can't just ignore everything they do either. Trying to compliment them, filling up their love tanks, lots of ice cream. YEAH, when things get messy I yell and say things that I don't mean. I hate it though. I feel so shitty afterwards. I always blame (in my head) Miko because he is aggresive. But I really think that the more pressure I put on him to behave, the worse it gets. Well, at home because else where he is fine. Today everyone is a little tired from all the camping and driving and being with lots of people. Anyways I don't really know where I am going with this post, but umm... Lets enjoy summer with our kids even if I am totally just winging it. Shoving in toast and apples for lunch and hoping that in a couple years I will laugh at all the energy and time that I take in my life to find a way for us to be happy and write about it on the internet 😂✌🏼️💗🙌🏻
#momstuff #trying #thisismylife #24/7 #freeplay #letthembelittle #motherhood #stayathomemother

Have you ever been to the Shazam festival ? It was pretty crazy. My kids saw tits on fire, a woman that eats warms and swallows swords, wrestling and lots of music til late at night ✨

Back from camping🌿
#vacation #fishing #coaticook

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