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  |Carling Cozens| I use Instagram as a diary.


Observing and Learning💗

Tired papa. Kids wanting to be around him while he naps🌸

Just a normal saturday with six kids in our house😅
#veryloud #alonewithsixkids #gottakeepthembusy #pokemon #slowweekends

HELLO! How are you guys?
I am slowly getting into the school routine even though nobody wants to go to bed or get up in the morning or pick up their legos 😂 I gotta keep repeating to pick up their freaking school bag before they have a snack (I prepare a snack for them when they get home) School keeps them busy and focused during the day. They don't enjoy routine so much, but they are doing well so far! I am proud. I bought them some junk and chips at the dep today. I even gave money to Loïk to buy ice cream afterwards 🙊 They were happy. I told them that it must be hard going back to school and doing homework. I think that made them feel good. Being seen. And getting slightly rewarded. Ok I really wanted chips😅
We spent an hour outside talking as they played and as I answered some weird kid questions. I love being a mom. I don't always see it though because it's seems so overwhelming. Sometimes I really don't enjoy it. For realz. Like sometimes its way to much for me to handle. I'm like bye kids find another mom today. I am not joking. I am totally shitty when things don't work. I'm just being honnest here. I'm an open book 😂 Anyways, Thanks school. Thanks for being my village. I would love to have another kinda village, but this is what we have for now and it makes me go less crazy. It gives me space for myself and for spending time with Laurier. I am grateful to have my demanding, sweet, beautiful, darling children. I am lucky to be their mother. So when I will suck as a mother I will remember that I am lucky to have them. Always. Even though they drive me nuts AND make me wanna jump infront of a train for them to be safe.
P.s How do you find balance in between social media and motherhood ? Do you have special times that you go on or take pictures or post stuff ? I think I need a better routine🙈
P.P.S I have an eye bigger than the other. I know.

Pumpkins growing in our compost 🎃
#livinginthecountry #freefood #garden #compost

Baking cookies this morning with this little one. We eat lots of it before they go in the oven🙊
#slowtoute #slowliving #childhood

Even though the lunches aren't always zero waste I'm kind of proud that *almost* everything in the kitchen is clean, the kids are in their pj's, I have nothing on my agenda tonight and it's only 6h30 ! I am all for zero waste, I usually don't buy this stuff... but I can't always be baking or cooking. Not featured in the picture is box juices OMG 🙈 #honnestmotherhood #notapinterestmom #wellsometimes #choisirsesbatailles

Moving furniture again. Decluttering a little bit when I take the time during the day. Cleaning a house with less stuff is so easy. When I came back sunday after my breastfeeding class it was so messssssssy. Phil doesn't clean much but at least he takes care of the kids so that's all that matters😂
It took us just a little while to clean up though so it's less discouraging! I am still totally obsessed and need to have even less things around me... But I live with six people I can't expect to have nothing in our house yet. Still working on it 😂 Phil is slowly working on decluttering his barn!! So exciting!! Are you getting rid of stuff ? I find that the change of seasons makes us want to clean up, don't you think ?
#decluttering #livingwithless #familyofsix

After a week-end alone sans kids doing a class in Mtl... Now I'm getting a massage from my best friend 💆🏻



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