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[Peh - see] 🦋  ▪️ Health + Fitness + Wellness ▪️ Photographer 📸 ▪️ Enjoying life w/ @rodrigocubedo ▪️ AZ 🌵 🌼 What doesn’t challenge you doesn’t change you! ✨

✨ Wake up and seas the day ✨ Life doesn’t always turn out how we plan it but we can ALWAYS choose to make the most of what we get. Happy Monday everybody ✨ #lapesi

Super easy breakfast tacos 🍳❤️ In Spanish below ⬇️
Spray a small pan with avocado oil and bring to a medium heat. Crack one egg and add 1 C of egg whites and cook over medium heat. Add a sprinkle of @daiyafoods cheddar style vegan cheese and finish cooking. Meanwhile heat tortillas of your preference (today I used oat flour tortillas, I also love @sietefoods almond flour tortillas) and fill with scrambled eggs. Top with a slice of avocado and salsa verde. ENJOY ❤️ Easy, real, healthy, & delicious breakfast. Happy Wednesday everyone, keep it real 💕 #lapesiskitchen
Tacos de desayuno súper fáciles 🍳❤️
Rocíe sartén con aceite de aguacate y lleva a fuego medio. Agrega un huevo mas una taza de claras de huevo y cocina a fuego medio. Agrega un poco de queso vegano estilo cheddar de @daiyafoods y termina de cocinar. Mientras tanto, calienta las tortillas de tu preferencia (hoy usé tortillas de harina de avena, también me encantan las tortillas de harina de almendras de @sietefoods) y cuando esté listo el huevo las rellenas con el huevo. Sirve con aguacate y salsa verde. DISFRUTA ❤️ Un desayuno fácil, real, saludable y delicioso. Feliz miércoles a todos 💕

This woman quit her job to pursue her dream of opening her very own ❤️💕 I am still shaking after the killer workout she put us through today 😅 but most importantly I am feeling tremendously motivated and inspired after seeing her dream of creating this come to life! I am so proud of you @beatrizesquer , not only did you make it happen but you are doing such an amazing job at it too ❤️ Thank you for being proof that it’s never too late to re-create and change our lives!! 🙌🏼 .
This got me thinking: Change can happen at any moment and at anytime, your future is in your hands and it’s up to you and what you do today and every day moving forward to turn it into what you want it to be. Why settle for an O.K. life, an O.K. job, an O.K. relationship, when you can have IT GREAT!!? Isn’t that thought alone exciting and worth doing something for? So stop settling and start DOING. No matter what your story is, you deserve to live GRAND! Now tell me, what changes are YOU gonna make today to better your life? Life isn’t easy, and we all know that, but life is GOOD baby! You just gotta keep pushing and keep moving forward! Who’s with me? 😉🙌🏼💥 #lapesi #thoughtoftheday #foodforthought

Work on you, for you ❤️ ⬇️ Back Workout🔥
4 x As many narrow grip pull-ups as you can
4 x 12 Barbell Rows
4 x 12 Lat Pull Down
4 x 12 One Arm Dumbbell Row
4 x 12 Deadlifts
1 set as many push-ups as you can

Lana & I enjoying the nice weather while we can! 😆 Happy Wednesday everybody ☀️ #LanaCubedo #Doberman #DobermanPinscher

Smile & spread the love baby ✌🏼☺️✨ #goodvibesonly #qotd

Repeat after me: I am loving myself unapologetically. 🌟✨ Wake up and thrive. Happy Monday everybody 🥰 #noexcuses #sinpretextos #lapesi

Ya en casa! Feliz y recordando a la familia y los amigos que hacen que valgan la pena los viajes largos y cansados para pasar un dia juntos ❤️ Un abrazo a todos! ✨

Viva el amor ❤️ #BebaYTeddy

I am not a regular dog mom, I am a cool dog mom 💁🏻‍♀️ hahaha name the movie ✨ Happy Thursday everybody! Do more of what you l o v e . 📸 #lapesi #photographer #sofiacubedo #miniaturepinscher

Your daily reminder not to skip your workout ❤️ Bring on the excuses and I will find you a solution. There is nothing more boring you can tell yourself or others than an excuse for why you are not living to your fullest potential. Prioritize. Get organized. Put in the time and get it done!!! This isn’t about being fit, it’s about feeling good, it’s about feeling H E A L T H Y ❤️ #gettingfitwithlapesi

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