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Lantern Green  Master Wellness trainer and fitness specialist. Former Olympic trainer,natural lifestyle change fitness specialist. Train how nature intended 4 U 2 B

Workout session 45 is in the books. Coming close to session 60!

The grind continues! 40th training session!

Session 38 ended like this

37 days in and those abs are really stubborn. 40 plus is a different game!!

It’s been 37 days of training since I last posted my progress. Here’s my first shirtless. My next one will be in 60 days of training.

Keep on getting it! This is day 24 of my extensive training. Body shots coming soon.

This is my first post since restarting. It’s been two weeks in but muscle indeed has memory. Over 40 and staying lean fit and trim. Dialing up my diet more and doing sequenced training. Ooooo you don’t know about that huh? Thanks to an old friend, lee Haney

Well eat this then!!

I’m back at it y’all. !! Sometimes you fall off and have life unexpected events to put up road blocks. These past 18 months has been a very bad time for me. I’m starting my journey once more and being a man of my age makes the journey a bit more challenging. I’m asking for prayers and a few really good true friends. Blessings

Don’t settle for someone taking advantage of you!

Paparazzi was all over me! I tried to give them a show.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes. Yes I was hung over courtesy of some good family and friends. Thanks guys I couldn’t get out of my bed!! And yes that is a unicorn I’m holding.

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