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• • •
in collaboration with
@indivisiblehighlandpark +
april 2017. • • •

i offer my tender.

post-capitalist love notes // what will be lost?
what will return to balance,
by equal exchange?

happy mothers day 🌿💙🌳i love you.

in order to channel deep feelings

my tender heart

saturn trine uranus.
the future is now.
For the duration of this transit, a slow and steady process of change can occur without the usual backlash or rebellion. This means progress without disruption, moving ahead toward practical but humanitarian goals and the rediscovery of old ideas and conventions that now have new and different applications. At this time, we are able to control the pace of change. We, and more importantly, the powers that be, are able to integrate the old and the new like never before, to take what's valuable from previous systems and discard the rest. In essence, we can keep the baby but throw out the bath water. All sorts of new, practical uses for established technologies can be found. Ideas that were positively revolutionary just a few years ago now become the status quo. We manage to bring order to chaos, to accelerate reform, to bring equal opportunities to all. We recognize that change is productive, and we embrace it with little fanfare and a realistic vision of the future. If only it were always so easy and smooth.
( text via theastrologer.com )

do you feel me now?

inner return

how do we move forward
from here where we stand
is transformation possible
or are we bound to a plan
unbeknownst to us
is this process already underway
clearing all that does not
serve to elevate
fear not my friend
the light at the end of the tunnel
draws closer still
illuminating the path
with its magnetic pull
the end of illusion
unmasking all for all to see
exposed in plain sight
falling into flight
finally, finally,
we are free

i love you.

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