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The New and Improved Melton Cinema by Nakita Mason

Are you a Town or City dweller?

I live near a small #town called Melton Mowbray, land of the Melton Mowbray Pork Pie and Stilton cheese to say nothing of a rather quaint sweetshop. Back when I was a sixth-former I used to have a tradition of attending the Melton Mowbray #cinema with two friends every Tuesday after #college. Sure it only had one screen, sure we moaned about it because another tradition of youth seems to be bemoaning where you came from, but deep down I loved it. I have always loved cinema and just because little Melton could only offer me one film at a time unlike #Leicester or #Nottingham, it didn’t matter a jot to me.
So, you can imagine my distress on hearing that it had closed whilst I was away at Uni. I’m sure it had been struggling to compete with the likes of the #Odeon and #Cineworld and so this family run cinema silently faded for what I was sure would be forever.

I couldn’t be more wrong. I recently attended the revamped #Melton Regal Cinema to watch Mr Seymour Hoffman’s last #performance, to discover a #luxury little establishment that was better than I remembered. You can have a glass of #wine, book a sofa and even the standard seats are ten times better than elsewhere. Here’s to Cinema and supporting what our community’s offer, especially the small things that really need our help.

Rio de Janeiro: Through the doors of Parque Lage by Sarah Brown

#Sun, #samba, the famous #Sugar Loaf… all of these things come to mind when thinking of #Rio de Janeiro. But how about Rio’s secret #Parque Lage, a hidden gem at the foot of #São Corcovado, the mountain where stands the #iconic #Christ? Surrounded by thick forest and a #jungle vibe, Parque Lage is a reformed mansion that nowadays hosts an #art school and a #café open to the public.

Parque Lage roused #touristic curiosity after featuring at the end of #Snoop Dog’s ‘Beautiful’ video that was shot in Rio de Janeiro. The backdrop of São Corcovado with the ever-watching Christ, and the focal green pool in the centre of the building proved the perfect setting for the #music video whose name appropriately captures the essence of the place.

Being an art school, it has sporadic open #exhibitions of recently #painted #work influenced by various sources, yet #Brazilian #culture comes through many of the pieces. The mansion is open to the public for free and it invites guests to look at the art or enjoy the café with its assortment of #coffees, #wines, #beers and #food. Take a stroll around the surrounding #park and find yourself accompanied by various #species of #monkeys and exotic #butterflies.

How Do Babies Learn Language? By Sophie Mihell-Hale

We use language in every aspect of our lives and, even when we are not speaking, it permeates each thought, feeling and understanding we have of the world around us. The idea of not knowing or understanding a #language is therefore mind boggling although, strangely enough, every single one of us was once in this very position as newborn infants.

As babies, we are thrust into the world pretty much a blank slate, with no way to fend for ourselves and no way to communicate other than crying. How, then, does an infant learn to understand and speak a language?

According to Dr Roberta Michnick Golinkoff, infant language researcher, learning begins in the womb, and “a baby is eavesdropping on each conversation her mother has once hearing is in place at seven months”. Once born, it seems we have an innate sense for language, with #linguistic skills developing at a rapid pace; tests have shown that at just hours old babies can differentiate between not just different people but different languages too.
With this basic #phonetic understanding in place from day one, it is easier to see how this recognition can develop into the fully fledged method of language by which we all communicate. By a few months old, a baby will start to recognise their own name, then a few common words. By the time a child is three years old their budding linguistic skills will have blossomed into an established system of speaking to really help them navigate the world.

Draculas Castle by Lisbeth Black

Do you believe in the legend of Dracula?

The #flight seemed to last an age because we were caught in so much turbulence, but when I found myself on top of a hill in #Transylvania it definitely seemed worth it. I was surrounded by lush green on the hilltop looking down on pretty little brown houses. Hearing the guide I turned to find myself facing a giant ominous building that belonged to #Dracula. I raised my gaze up over the turrets lining the top and stood in awe; even if this was a #fairy tale it was a great building to continue the mystery.

Inside it was a lot like any other grand house I’d looked at during my week in #Romania, well, all except for one room. It was closed off to the public and the guide wouldn’t say why. Nosily I stretched up to stare through the window and saw huge chairs covered in cobwebs, giant spindly machines half shrouded by cloth, lines of glass bottles with cork tops and a huge gilded mirror. It looked like a secret lair of a #vampiric #legend and it was wonderfully creepy. That house gave me the right amount of fear and left me hoping that #Dracula did live there, even just for a little while...

As Sure-footed as a…. Bank Cow!? by Tim Lai-Smith

Today I finally had some time to relax from what was a crazy week. No, I didn’t launch my super hero #career, but instead I was #driving to and from the #hospital as my wife’s currently there “relaxing” before the #birth of our second child.

As I sat down on a rather #windy afternoon I was watching the #cows in the #field opposite. Firstly I wondered how they knew to stick together and who the “leader” was.
As I was watching ‘Danger Cow’ came forth. This small cow (not a calf or adult, the cow equivalent of a youngster) seemed determined to eat the #grass #growing closest to the #water on the #river #bank.
I rose from my seat and watched with more interest now, mostly as I had never seen a cow fall into a river before. I was astonished at how this large beast balanced so elegantly, and though it lost its footing on a few occasions, it managed to stay dry.

As time passed the cows went on their usual #walk and were soon out of sight - but one stayed behind, and yes, you guessed it… it was Danger Cow! I pondered if this cow was just more #confident, and didn’t need to follow, or if it didn’t get on with the rest of the #herd, or what the story was?
Then I had a thought, if we try new things however tricky they may seem and don’t just follow the crowd like #sheep, that’s often when #people notice us for who we are.

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