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Monday mood. ✌️ If you need me, here’s where you’ll find me. Watering.

Trouble 🎶 by Cage the Elephant

Sometimes you get to Wednesday and you realize you haven’t actually exhaled alllll week, ya feel me?
Wednesday nights at my home away from home make me happy. @bnfyoga

Heart & Throat (Soul) 🎵 Lost in My Mind - The Head & The Heart

It’s all about that breath. And sometimes you land on your chin.
#soundon #yourmatwillalwayscatchyou #dontblinkyoullmissit #outtakes

Jumping in cause my girls @lianna_yoga & @jennamannino have started something fiery, authentic and unique with their new company @daayaniyoga I AM SO PROUD OF YOU GIRLS. And so happy to support you.
#daayanifirechallenge asks what pose is your fire?! Handstand is my fire. Some days the fire burns strong and some days I have to re-stoke, re-light and REMIND myself that I'm stronger than I've ever been. Always chasing that 🔥 I don't think I'll ever stop.
Go give them a visit and a ✅

My littlest ❤ #communion

✨ What you focus on expands ✨

Took me years to be able to control this slow low. YEARS. Finally in my 37th year I can *mostly* catch it. First drop back at 36. First handy at 🤔 30- something? Point is 👉 Im not stopping.

BNFYoga Teacher Feature: Jo Langevin
1. Hometown: Oceanside, NY
2. Favorite food: Peanut Butter
3. Best advice: Embrace the nerves, the butterflies. They’re only there to remind you that what you have in front of you is important.
4. Why did you decide to be a yoga teacher: What was initially a "work-out" for me soon became a "work-in". I realized that every challenge and every joy I faced on the mat directly related to my own life. I soon saw that when heart openers were tough it was because I didn't want to have a tough conversation. When my hips were tight it was because I didn't want to deal with something painful. The very moment I realized that Yoga wasn't contained to the four corners of my mat, my entire life changed. My relationships changed. My priorities shifted. Everything felt connected. And that's when I knew that I wanted to share this practice, both on and off the "mat". My home practice is in the top five loves of my life. At home I get to work on myself. I get to share this practice with my children. And through teaching I get to share it with the world. It's truly the most beautiful and rewarding ripple-effect that I've ever been a part of.
5. One cause that means a lot to you: Prison Yoga Project… Visit - - to support!
6. I AM: a work in progress.
Teaching Schedule:
Wednesday 7:30 pm Power & Potential (Warm) Freeport

Rainy #fridaze

Be our date tonight! After I properly celebrate with my minis... teaching 7:30 pm Warm & Fiery @bnfyoga
This Floating Ustrasana variation is an intense heart opener that makes me feel the fire. The only way I can explain it is that it immediately gives you a dose of something, sorta like L O V E 💜 Meet me on the mat! No reservations or roses required!

Still chasing that super blood blue moon high. ⭐️ "Once in a blue moon." 👆 May you experience a surprising joy, one you thought not possible. May we experience it. BUT more importantly, may we notice it.

Fresh cut @mildrednewyork ✂️✂️✂️ #mydadsabarber #loveyourmelon

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