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Chris Strempek entered the landscaping industry as a boy, equipped with an old mower, summers full of free time and an asking price of $5 per lawn. Today he is running Complete Landsculpture, a company that went from a temporary endeavor to a $17.6-million organization. The secret to his success? Employee retention. Click the link in our bio for Strempek's five practices for improving retention rates.

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When performing snow removal services, it’s important to plan ahead for your crew’s safety and your clients’ safety.

Click the link in our bio for the full SafetyWatch video on how to plan for plowing.

Source: Greenius

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We've had a changing of the guard here at LM HQ: Marisa Palmieri has taken a step back to spend more time with her family, and our colleague, Seth Jones, is now at the helm. We can't wait for you to meet him, but until then, get to know our music-loving, loyal Jayhawk in his informal introduction. (link in bio) (Photos: Seth Jones)

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Well, folks, winter is here, and for those of you who perform snow removal services, it might seem never ending. Check out this feature for a few ways to help your team members get through the long winter days and avoid burnout. (Link in bio) #LMWISDOM #snow_removal #landscapers_of_instagram #snow_services #landscape_pros #employee_development

It's electric! — equipment, that is. The electric and battery-powered trend has picked up speed over the past few years, so what's the deal? Click the link in our bio to find out what made these three contractors invest in battery-powered equipment. (📷: @agzainfo)

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According to @landscape_assoc, 200 workers die each year from silicosis, an incurable lung disease caused by inhaling respirable crystalline silica particles.

To limit workers’ exposure, OSHA passed two new standards that reduce the permissible exposure limit for respirable crystalline silica.

Click the link in our bio to find out how to protect your workers and meet new OSHA standards. (Photo: iQ Power Tools)

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Starting the year strong means getting everyone on the same page, motivated to pull in the same direction as you, says Jeffrey Scott. Click the link in our bio for his 8 steps to ensure a successful new year.
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Wishing you success and good fortune in the new year! (Photo:

With an estimated 23,000 different kinds of trees in the world, it's important for landscape pros to be familiar with the varieties found in their parts of the country to ensure proper treatment and care. Click the link in our bio to learn more about the tree identification process. (illustration: David Preiss)

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With the new year right around the corner, it's not enough to simply think about what you want your business to look like. Follow the example of Lisa Torgersen, owner of Lawns Ltd. Make a plan and get to it. (link in bio) #LMWISDOM

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Happy holidays from your friends at Landscape Management!

The homeowner wanted to bring the comforts of indoor living to the great outdoors. The @plantscreativelandscapes team delivered by creating an outdoor kitchen, dining area and recreation area, separated by three distinct grade changes. Click the link in our bio for more photos of the project that earned a 2017 Grand Award from @lansdcape_assoc's Awards of Excellence program. (Photo: Dry Branch Photography)

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