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U  It’s an avocado thaaanks

I was just blocked on Twitter and unfollowed on instagram by my “friend” and when is asked her why she did that she left me on read🙃 I’m... I literally have no friends and I’m going into senior year with none because I cut off the ones I sat with at lunch KSKSKSK someone help

New profile pic who dis
I aspire to be like jack jack thx

I’m really about to kms 💀 my family keeps harassing me to do stuff like go out hang with friends , eat out with them, and eat dinner with them like go away I’m happy with myself like rn three of them came to my room asking me to eat dinner like go awayyyyyyy I already ate I can smell I obviously know there’s food 🤦🏻‍♀️ after highschool I’m leaving them skksks

The news has my blood boiling oooo I’m about to slice a bitch 🤠


Who else is gonna be a senior this year? Because I want to die 🤒

I just want someone to ruin my life 😔

I want to make friends senior year thx

If I don’t date someone before my 18th birthday on November 30th Ima kms 💓🤠

Has anyone see it? Was it worth seeing? FLOP OR HOT?

Y’all I just apologized to my cousin for the fight we had in 7th grade and he apologized too IM HAVING SO MUCH CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT HAHAH BEAT THT ANXIETY By the begging of the new school year ima be a new me 🤩


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