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Landchecker  Landchecker is a powerful #property due diligence tool that gives you the leading edge. View planning zones and overlays or download property reports!

When looking to buy a property, we know how important recent sales data is. Comprehensive sales data for every property in Victoria is now available on Landchecker

Ever wondered what you can buy for $400,000 around Australia? Inner city Melbourne will get you a one bedroom apartment, while you can still get a 3 bedroom house within 10km of the CBD in Perth.

As a Matchmaker seller you can register your property and recieve updates on interested buyers, this brings high-quality leads straight to you and cuts out hours of work. Register your property now.

When buying property there are a range of additional costs we don’t always think about. One homebuyer saw himself spend close to $100,000 in addition to the cost of his first home. Find out how you can avoid the same costs below.

By searching via overlays on Landchecker you can understand the limitations and restrictions of not only your property but surrounding suburb as well. Some things to look out for are Heritage overlay, City Link project overlay, Environmental Audit overlay.

Affordable housing has been a hot topic lately, and a new building in Sydney is looking at new ways to solve the problem. The building was delivered from China and combines both traditional and modular building techniques.

Are you in the property market and need the best advice? Our Local Experts are here to help! We have a range of property professionals such as real-estate agents, mortgage brokers, architects etc. from across a range of Victorian Suburbs. Type your address in now to find your local experts.

What interstate travel destinations are preferred by your neighbours? Unsurprisingly the Sunshine Coast was a hot spot for Tasmanians, New South Wales residents and Victorians.

Sydney is no longer the most desired Australian suburb, with demand dropping by 25% in the past new months. The big surprise is Tasmania with demand growing by circa 50%.

We know how important public transport is so we have added all rail lines and stations to our interactive map, allowing you to find the best suburbs for public transport. Test it out now

A new study has shown with the housing market becoming more synchronized globally, suburbs such as Sydney and Melbourne are left vulnerable to unexpected foreign shocks affecting price and housing supply.

Ever considered buying property online? Chinese retail website will start selling Australian property alongside groceries and clothing.

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