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Lance Pekus Cowboy Ninja  OCR/Ninja Warrior|Research Tech|RanchHand Husband&Father| #PoweredbyBEEF #CowboyNinja

Had a fun busy day in boise. Visited a couple schools in the area, conducted interviews, did some cooking demonstrations and visited with fans @fitoneboise with @idahobeefcouncil
Was great to inspire kids and fans to be healthy!
#cowboyninja #healthyfood #healthyliving #inspire @beefitswhatsfordinner @beefusa

Excited to be in boise tomorrow at the @fitoneboise expo from 4 to 8pm. Swing by the @idahobeefcouncil booth and say Hi! I will also be helping out with some cooking demonstrations, so you don't want to miss it!
#cowboyninja @beefitswhatsfordinner @beefusa #fitone #groovelife

Feels great to be back home. After discussing strength in life this last couple days it has me thinking. What is your definition of strength? Where do you draw your strength from in your life? Would love to hear from everyone.
#cowboyninja #strenght #yourstrenght #share

Strength summit 2018. I lead a great ranch inspired workout this morning giving some researchers and nutrition experts a glimpse in a day on the ranch. Its been great spending time with everyone and talking about strength and the new possibilities of research around the different aspects of strength.
#cowboyninja #ranchworkout #strenghtsummit2018 #improvinglives #nutrition

Quick trip to San Antonio for a strength summit. Speaking about overall strength and how I draw strength from different aspects of my life.
#cowboyninja #strenghtsummit2018 #speaking #strenght

#FBF that time I tried to lift a couple thousand pounds. Good thing Gracie is a super hero!
Salmon PRCA rodeo clown act.
#cowboyninja #clownAct #rodeo #idahome

Its about to get NOISY! It's the time of year to bring the heard in and wean the calves off their mothers. This can be a tricky process to make sure the calves dont get stressed and have enough access to nutrients to start off on their own. Calves tend to be weaned between 7 to 9 months and while the mothers are still have good body condition going into fall/winter.
#cowboyninja #beef #weaning #idahome

Congrats to @reallifeninja and all the other ninjas on a great @ninjawarrior season! Ultimately the mountian was not defeated so yesterday I decided to climb Diamond peak. It sits at 12,197 ft it's the tallest peak in the lemhi's and the 4th tallest in Idaho. Overall it was a great climb, great views and some awesome geology. Cheak out my Instagram stories for pics on the climb.
#cowboyninja #diamondpeak #idahome #ninjawarrior11

Always proud to work with and represent this hard working community!
#cowboyninja @beefitswhatsfordinner @beefusa @idahobeefcouncil @idcattle

My little girl started kindergarten this week. Excited for her but a little saddened by how fast she is growing up. Its hard to control these parenting emotional rollercoasters. How do you as a parent take these big milestones?
#firstdayofschool #kindergarten #parenting #mixedfeelings

Cowboy Ninja!
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