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Lance Pekus Cowboy Ninja  OCR/Ninja Warrior|Research Tech|RanchHand Husband&Father| #PoweredbyBEEF #CowboyNinja

Just hanging around waiting for the weekend
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When grayson wants a booster seat and papa comes to the rescue. Puts a new meaning to sitting on the pot😆
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Fun Sunday with the family in the mountains searching for that perfect Christmas tree. What's your holiday tree traditions? Cut your own, tree lots, fake tree, or something completely different?
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#fbf I haven't had the opportunities to train as much as I would like lately so it was great to stop by @jimfenby course on our vacation to get some ninja play time. Great course with big swings and lots of obstacles.
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#TBT looking back and reviewing our @waltdisneyworld trip. From my last post majority of people responded with love and positivity to disney, which I totally see. There was something magical to see my kids reactions to characters and places they see on TV. The parades, firework and light shows were amazing and something my kids have never seen on that scale. But there is a weird balance with kids being so excited and not wearing them out to the point they break down. Our kids did amazingly great but had a few moments, and as I looked around it seemed most families had crying kids and parents pulling there hair out. The crowds and lines were crazy and being our first time we definitely didn't utilize the fast passes correctly. The overall cost of everything is a little on the outrageous side🤑🤑but with everything available I couldn't imagine what there operation cost would be. Heather really enjoyed it, but the days were long on her with her MS. Getting on and off rides weren't the easiest and finding companion bathrooms were challenging at times. I also didn't really like having to enter the parks with our finger prints, something about one the largest corporation having that on file but that's just me being paranoid Haha. Overall the good times and memories our kids will take away, out way the bad.
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Farm to gym workout is now live on @beefitswhatsfordinner website. Was excited to be involved with this! Here’s a workout that mimics the physically demanding tasks that ranchers and farmers do each day. Its tasks like these that keep me fit and ready to compete on @ninjawarrior
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Idaho magazine did an amazing article on my wife. It tells how she has grown up with the heart and determination to excel at everything she attempts. From playing college basketball to getting her masters in college with straight A. Too now dealing with her MS and continuing to work and fight when most might give up. If you want to know why I love this woman than check out this article.
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Still think this is her favorite ride🐎

Always be thankful!
Happy thanksgiving

Love visiting local ninja courses while on vacation. Thanks @jimfenby and @accordion_ninja for have my family over and letting me play in your back yards

Did that @waltdisneyworld thing
Curious what's everyone's opinion on Disney??
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Feel lucky enough to have the opportunities to take my family on vacation this year.
Cows to the beach
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