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Lance Dawes  Photographer/Skateboarder/Bean Bandit/Facilitator - Dad

And to the #1 mom of them all, @nataschasofia for taking care of @indy.beau , creating @heybabela and putting up with my shit all at the same time!❤

Me and Grandma, Wildwood, Nj. 1971. Happy moms day to @lancesmom @nataschasofia @darmacrash @tammy.dawes and all the awesome moms that hold it down. #momsrule

Tim Brauch, Slap intro page, 90’s sometime. There was a time when people were giving him shit for overdoing the blunt- I wrote an intro in the mag about how he was the best at it (and @deawon1song) and how he did what he loved regardless of what us petty skaters thought. Tim was rad, super nice and just an all around good dude. Sucks that he’s gone- Never forget. #TimBrauch #skateboardingrules Scraped up e-6 @kodak #mamiya645

2004? @esskateboarding Accel's, 10.5- brand new. #CleaningTheCloset DM me if you want to buy them, you pay shipping, make me an offer #skateboardingrules

I have bags and bricks of film. Here's a bunch of @kodak E100 vs, go, trick, tmax 3200 and more. It's a gram bag, looks like there's some mystery shit in there too- pack of Indy stickers. Can't guarantee it's all good but... first $30 plus shipping takes it- DM me #film #shootfilm #trix400 #nikon #hasselblad

New pair of Natas Kaupas Vita shoes, 10.5 DM me an offer, you pay shipping @oscarputdowntheknife #VitaShoes #skateboardingrules

New pair of @ave @dcshoes from whenever (2003?) 10.5 no disrespect Anthony, just running out of room. DM me an offer, you pay shipping #skateboardingrules #ave #dcshoes

@bherman board, @bakerskateboards tre down Wilshire, I shot the photo, I have an extra one, make me an offer, I'll throw in a box of @independenttrucks grip, DM me

Reissue Gonz board, still got some shrink wrap, I'll throw in a box of Indy grip. Make me an offer, (I don't care how much $) you pay shipping, DM me #gonz @independenttrucks #skateboardingrules

Growing up watching Jason Farrell skate the White Flint ramp and Haji's was insane! And then he started Swiz with OG Dag Nasty singer Shawn Brown @swiz_ink , bringing back hardcore to the D.C. scene that had gone soft- we were so stoked. This large Swiz shirt isn't from the '80s, those were orange if I remember right, but it's rad either way. Make me an offer, DM ME #DCHardcore #swiz #jasonfarrell #skateboardingrules

I worked at Intensity Skates in Beltsville, Md. in '88. Years later Mike Agnew started Capitol Skateboards- everyone has used this @badbrainsofficial image but Capitol was the first ones allowed to use it in my eyes. Size Large, offer a few bucks and it's yours- DM me. #skateboardingrules #BadBrains

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