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Lance Dawes  Photographer/Skateboarder/Bean Bandit/Facilitator - Dad

Crazy it's been 5 years since I posted this last- one of my fav photos and rippers @erickoston , some riverside backyard, 1997, with @furrycalamari @chicobrenes @aaronemeza @billweiss @rickibaseta @neighborhoodskateboards #KaleSandridge and more. #skateboardingrules @kodak @kodak_shootfilm #trix400

@indy.beau first time at #disneyland !!! With @nataschasofia - of course he bugged out, but loved MICKEY

Just another day in Ramona
@_no_name_jake #beanbandits

Everyone's favorite, @williamseansheffey in Europe somewhere, 2000? Sheff killed it, skated the course with a blue wig, dropped a bag of weed in the middle of his run, picked it up later like he found it for the first time, the crowd went nuts! A true force to be reckoned with. Grew up with him in MD. with @stevet23 and watched him become a legend. #skateboardingrules @shutnyc @girlskateboards

Ran into @iajujnat the other day, hadn't seen him in awhile- good dude. Front decker at @epiclytrife old ramp twice removed, @greg.s.carroll looking on. 1997 #skateboardingrules

I didn't get photo credit for the image of @jakevogel415 at #EMB on the insoles of the #NikeSBxFTC BLAZERS, but @ftc_skateboarding is family so it's all good! Go find yourself a pair and rep one the best Skateshops, in the best city, in the world! @nikesb #SFC #Suckafree #skateboardingrules

Double pots of gold in #Burbank

Thought of #HaroldHunter this morning. He was in the passenger seat while I was driving up the east side highway, eating wings and tossing the bones out the window. He threw one into a girl's sunroof, she freaked out, Harold started yelling back, we both pulled off at a street, he ran over to her car, smoothed it out and got her #. Amazing. Miss him. 📷 at the #Brooklynbanks 1994 #skateboardingrules @haroldhunterfoundation #nycskateboarding

Dreaming of #Bonneville today. Last year was fun, didn't blow anything up, the crew got records and we all stuck together. Thanks for the photo @belmondogarage #BeanBandits #SCTA #SDRC @_no_name_jake @causb #DickLux @1horgan #Flathead

Happy Valentines to my love @nataschasofia To the best girlfriend and baby momma there is ❤❤❤ @indy.beau agrees!

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