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Lance Dawes  Photographer/Skateboarder/Bean Bandit/Facilitator - Dad

Double pots of gold in #Burbank

Thought of #HaroldHunter this morning. He was in the passenger seat while I was driving up the east side highway, eating wings and tossing the bones out the window. He threw one into a girl's sunroof, she freaked out, Harold started yelling back, we both pulled off at a street, he ran over to her car, smoothed it out and got her #. Amazing. Miss him. 📷 at the #Brooklynbanks 1994 #skateboardingrules @haroldhunterfoundation #nycskateboarding

Dreaming of #Bonneville today. Last year was fun, didn't blow anything up, the crew got records and we all stuck together. Thanks for the photo @belmondogarage #BeanBandits #SCTA #SDRC @_no_name_jake @causb #DickLux @1horgan #Flathead

Happy Valentines to my love @nataschasofia To the best girlfriend and baby momma there is ❤❤❤ @indy.beau agrees!

#Fugazi free in the park at Fort Reno in DC, 1996. I grew up going to shows here in the summer. I was also at Fugazi's first show at the Wilson Center, we just heard it was #ianmckaye new band, didn't know the name. I think 3 and #nationofulysses opened. #DCHardcore #emo #stargazers @dischordrecords

It's never to late to say happy birthday @jboyadams !! @mrolson gave me this original print- I don't collect much but this is a historical artifact. #100%skateboarder #zipperhead #skateboardingrules

#Hardcore and punk of the 80s were partly fueled by the discontent with Reagan. They say with 45 we’ll have a new wave of revolutionary music- I can’t wait. Though #RageAgaisntTheMachine weren't underground I felt #ZackDeLaRocha spoke with a smart, angry voice in that hardcore flavor- his voice is missed. I shot this at #Lalapalooza , 1993 #TakeThePowerBack

@ooomanchildooo & @stevieperez bomb'n through #DTLA for @dqmnyc This reminded me of old SF- quite downtown on a Sunday, looking for angles and making something out of nothing. We've seen it all before but there's a beautiful simplicity in just riding with your friends. #skateboardingrules #Nikon @girlskateboards @chocolateskateboards

Been a lot of #Bondi lately, here's one of slick Rick Howard from '97 @girlskateboards Ollie Fakie at the best mini-on-the-beach in skateboard history. #skateboardingrules #kodakE100vs

Super congrats to my baby momma @nataschasofia of @heybabela for her tenacity and drive, AND raising a crazy @indy.beau !!! Love you!