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Lana 🌺  Jesus is the One

#Drivebyshot from Thursday as I was in the red light line. Love the clouds and reflection on the lake. #lakemerritt #cloudyday #oakland #oaklandloveit #thewayhome

Just getting amped up to eat New Year’s Day brunch, right before I cut off Greg’s reminder that “nobody likes cold food.” 😂🙌🏼👏🏼 🤗😋#raisetheroof #callout #isayyousay #readytoeat #newyearsbrunch👨🏻‍🍳🥞🥤🍊🥚 #Mummu stays looking gorgeous 💁‍♀️😍 @kristinamada @marilynjane43 @lizzylibs @pine.applez @sburt97 @abigail.burt @grandma72016

Some of my loves on New Year’s Day, with my dear Mom and a sister thrown in.☺️Time goes so fast; it’s both heart-bursting and heart-breaking to watch how all of my sweethearts have grown. •

I’m so grateful that my sisters and my two brothers-in-law have endeavored to raise them knowing they are loved by Jesus. In turn, their hearts have chosen Jesus, and in their own unique ways they are living their lives as a glory to Him. My heart prays they’d always stay right close to His heart, never forgetting they are completely loved by God. Being convinced of this will give them security in a fickle world, courage to step out in faith and go for it!, and comfort when life’s rainy season comes. It will keep them from looking to false sources for affirmation and love. It can keep them choosing the best path over the course of their entire lives. In a world where there is pressure that you’re missing out or not measuring up somehow, knowing you can trust in the God who totally loves you will bring contentment and peace. •
I don’t have all their pictures here. But dear nephews and nieces—and my precious grandniece!— I love you! Blessings to you in 2018 as you shine like stars. •
#auntylove #newyearsday2018 #allaboutSophie #SophiaRaeD

We adore our little loaf of joy! 💞💞 Delayed Christmas made me even more excited to see my Sophiegirl! #allaboutsophie #sophiaraeD

Quiet Christmas, Merry Christmas🎄✨♥️
with my dear momma, and my older sister.
Blessed to be near my aunt, uncle, & cousins today as well. ♥️

So glad I was able to see this amazing #sunset today. In the Walmart parking lot even.🙂 Typically miss them! // “From the rising of the sun, until it’s going down, the name of the LORD will be praised!” #10000reasons #stillsinging #stillpraising #foreverworthy

Getting ice cream after seeing the movie #Wonder together.... My nephew with my mom — she got him with quite a witty comeback that made us laugh! #mummu #nephew #auntylove #choosekind

Sophia took us to the park last Friday, where under beautiful skies we clapped and cheered with phones in hand, thrilled to see her smiles and squeals as she took the slides and swings. Perfect Black Friday! #auntylove #greatniece #sophiarae #allaboutSophie #SophiaRaeD

What we will do for our baby love?! 😂 Or, what will she do for us...😂 Her entire extended family completely adores her! 💓 We’ll make up songs, clap, bounce, coo....♥️ @kristinamada 😄 #stompgirl #allaboutSophie #SophiaRaeD

@abigail.burt showing her Mom, grandma, and auntie how it’s done; the others try.... ➡️😜 #beautifulfamily #funisbeautiful #legliftsornah

My delight and Thanksgiving entertainment! #SophiaRae #grandniece @kristinamada #allaboutSophie #SophiaRaeD

My beautiful cousin Phoebe at the gratitude station today. There were cut-out hands with everyone’s name on one. You pick 5 hands (people), and write something you’re thankful for about that person. If a hand had 5 sentiments on them already, you need to choose a different one. A sweet way to express love and thoughtfulness towards each other this #Thanksgiving!

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