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Hello ❤️
I'm coming out of the closet.
Not on my sexuality 😜
You all know I'm bisexual by now. I love all! Hehe
More of a self who I am coming out. It feels so good to able to do this and not care what anyone thinks of me. I learned that all that matters is what I think of myself and that's such liberation. So here it goes 🤗
As a child I began noticing I wasn't like my family. I'm able to see spirits and receive messages. I am empath & clairvoyant. I'm able to be around people and pick up on their emotions and receive messages to give to them. Having these abilities and feeling so different made it hard over the years. I tried to ignore and wish them away. With media feeding you what you should look like and be like. Everyone seemed the same. I wanted so bad to fit in with everyone else. I wasn't be my authentic self and this caused me to be depressed. 😐
About 4 years ago I went off to search for inner peace. I left the modeling industry for a bit. I went on a self journey. Through this I found teachings like meditation , kundalini , Native American sweat lodges. Where I met more people like myself. I discovered I'm not so different. We all actually have these senses. Some just aren't tuned in yet. You know when you get that feeling you should or shouldn't be doing something. Well that's your intuition. When your alone in a room but you feel like something's watching you. Well that's you sensing a spirit. This all freaked me out for years. Till I got a better understanding of it all. It's not taught to us because if it was we couldn't be controlled. Once you start to acknowledge , accept and learn about these senses they grow. I appreciate you taking the time to read my coming out post. ❤️ I want to leave you with this ❣️
No matter who you are, love yourself and be yourself. Being unique is beautiful!
Peace & Love to you all! 🙏🏼
#highvibrations #loveyourself #worldpeace

My Kambo Scars 🐸
I'm so grateful for all my followers🙏🏼 In return I want to share a more personal part of my life journey with you all. For those of you going through spiritual awakening, you're not alone.
Last night I took Kambo 🐸 for the first time in ceremony. Today I'm left with my new Kambo scars and swollen face and lips. By tomorrow my swelling will go down.
Kambo is a medicine from the Amazon. It's a poison that is extracted of a amazon frog. It's a non hallucinogenic. It's not a a drug. It is a legal tribal medicine. I received 4 burns and the medicine was applied. It then goes into my blood stream. Instantly I began to feel the effects. -
My body ached intensely with my face buried in a bucket. I threw up releasing all my past built up trauma and negative stuff I was holding onto.
Kambo is used for releasing negativity that has been brought to us through out our life. Things that others have done to us & things we have done and experienced.
It is also used for helping heal certain illnesses and curing depression. Helping people to cleanse and move on with clarity to ones life path. For more about Kambo if you're curious. I highly recommend you look it up.
Kambo is one of the many spiritual practices I have done.
I began to meditate , kundalini ,Reiki, Native American sweat lodge ceremonies and other native medicines like Kambo.
It all has changed my life in so many positive ways. No matter what religion you are, even if you're atheists. We all have a higher self. These practices help you open and strengthen that connection. So you can give yourself all the answers you need to live a more happy, peaceful life. 🙏🏼❤️
I am a strong goddess warrior 👑
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Wanted to wish you all a good Day 😘 I don't have any makeup on. But, my heart is big ❤️That's what counts. - eyebrows by @mehringlam

🌍✌🏼❤️ "Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us, and the world will be as one" -John Lennon

It's finally hot again in L.A. ☀️

Join the Global Day of Action & prayer for our Water Protectors in Standing Rock! Let's come together in love, peace, & unity to send them our love, gratitude, & prayers in a Global Meditation! We can't be there in the physical but we can all be together as one in prayer. There's still plenty ways to help support Standing Rock even if you can't be there! Keep our Water Protectors in your prayers! Pray over the water you drink! WATER IS SACRED! WATER IS LIFE! MNI WICONI Please Repost and get more to join prayer❤️
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It feels so good to be alive ❤️

Chance of rain ☔️ So I wore a hat 😋

Thinking of a master plan called Love ❤️

It was so nice to see @officiallyangelica this weekend. She was in L.A. Visiting from San Francisco ❤️ It's been a few years but we picked up where we left off. That's how you know when a friendship is real. She's so beautiful and a loving heart.
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Booty gains from the gym 💕
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It's all about your form 😋

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