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Feel blessed to be a part of the wonderful project that aimes to support young artists and culture. Thanks to @leyaboho for giving the opportunity to share my knowledge with the world 🌏 and more..

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas... 🤓😎

Summer vibes

“Authentic Light Orchestra” and Tatiana Shishkova 🎤

We feel no distance 🌎🌍🌏 #alwaysworking #houseofl #threeway #love #art

Summer is heating up, especially with the photography of rising star, Tasha Alakoz, who’s colorful work features bright self portraits with enough power and energy to put a smile on your face. We feature Tasha’s visionary work at the 😎

before the sunset

Hang with my gang :)

Hello :)

Jane Birkin describes her daily routine with Serge Gainsbourg in the 1970s as follows: they woke up at three in the afternoon; she picked up the children at school and took them to the park, brought them home for a children's dinner, the au pair would give them a bath, and when the children went to bed she and Serge would kiss them good night and go out on the town. They'd come back "with the dustman," wait until the children woke up at 7:30, then go to sleep. Their alcohol-fueled nights would often turn, as Jane puts it, "barmy." Once, at Castel's nightclub, on the Rue Princesse on the Left Bank, Serge turned over the basket that she carried as a handbag, emptying its contents onto the floor. Furious, she managed to find a custard pie and threw it in his face. He walked out; she whizzed by him in the street and headed straight for the river and, after she was sure he was watching, flung herself into the Seine. She was rescued by firemen, Serge was relieved she was alive, and they walked back to the Rue de Verneuil arm in arm.

From “SMOKE AND MILK” series by @lisamreider

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