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Peter Lam  From Sydney, Australia. Currently based in Perth, Australia. Work hard, train hard, and play hard 😄

Currently immersed in a book called #extremeownership coauthored by former U.S Navy SEALs @jockowillink and @realleifbabin. A combination of war memoirs of the Battle of Ramadi in Iraq, and leadership principles that are applicable to business and life. Jocko is also an overall bad ass mother fucker, a jiu jitsu black belt, and has an awesome podcast. The podcasts give you a very unique and mind opening perspective on war and terrorism around the world #GetAfterItTimeIsFourThirtyAM

Had the pleasure of meeting the powerful #wimhof today at his workshop. To sum up the #wimhofmethod ... Breathe motherfucker... and then jump into an ice bath... Had me feeling high as a kite 😄 @clamcam @iceman_hof

Life is a beautiful adventure when you're able to hang with some of the coolest people on the planet... coupled with traveling to different cities and countries around the world... From the sub zero temperatures in Yukon to the ski trails of Whistler... Then losing track of time in Vegas and finishing off with random adventures in San Francisco

There aren't many feels, if any, quite like the ones you get in moments like this when one of your brothers celebrates the love he has for another human being who supports him and elevates him to be a better person everyday. Congrats @n_ckd__n and @kat_ee_oh 😄
#katolas #brothers #CrewLove

An epic 3 day bender with these savages on #itstheship2016 for #RaysAndNicksBucks2016 with champagne for dayysss, too many laughs and meeting awesome people from all over Asia
#ANewLevelOfDrunkHasBeenDiscovered #WheelchairDisabledDrunk

These ladies and gentlemen partake in the art of obtaining positional dominance so that they may either strangle or break one of my limbs on a weekly basis. Before each and every battle there is a non verbal agreement via fist bump after which I would tap out just before death is upon me. I am humbled and grateful for having met each and every person at @the_arena_mma #JiuJitsuIsTheShit #SpotTheAsian

Queenstown... Do you even serenity??? Views were majestic as fucckkk... Got to spend an unforgettable week making them skiing gainz and got to know some beautiful people along the way... @iho108 @gracieeeeeetsui @smaryxy and the other two whom I've yet to befriend here yet... You know who you are #HungOutWithSomeRealAsians #DidntUnderstandAtLeastHalfTheConversations #BecauseEnglishSubtitlesWerentAvailable #BitchSlapTheNextPersonThatThinksThumbmasterIsACoolIdea

Making all kinds of gainzzz #learninghowtochokeabitchlikewaynebrady

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