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Miles Brooks  “Young Simba been a lion from the start...”🦁

The WIZRD’s of Duval....... #tb

Real G’s never fold.....

”Came up, I was down, got it off the ground” 🧟‍♂️

It’s a miracle how you’ll wake up and your dreams right in your face 🧟‍♂️🎯
Everything 1K

Motivated more than ever—💙

You dont know what it took to get here. Got so much farther to go. #WeGoneEat

I hear all the talk, ima keep doing me though 🐍 #MaskON

I’m from a city where only a small percentage make it to see the other side. #notcommited

Everyday I step closer to a dream 🖤

We coming for everything they said we couldn’t have....

They wanna see us fall...🎱 All we know is bet on ourselves 🖤/// Nation Buisness ✍🏽 #10-0

///From the outside looking in you would think the kid already made it....🖤

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