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Lamia  This will probably be hooks and food and cats.

I want a coffin to hangout​ in!
from @inanyas - #fuckoff and #leavemealone #alone #anti #fuckyou #bones #dead #deadinside but still #alive -

Cat sitting.

Light and dark need each other for balance. #lilith #sillyonlinepaganmeme #ehclose

from @empoweredsouls - 🔹Be Conscious, Mindful, and Intentional when it comes to your Vibration.🔹
🔹Psychologically, we only have about 7 Seconds before People Make Decisions on Who We Are. Most of the time, they stick with this First Impression. Knowing this gives us Two Big Opportunities.🔹
🔹First, it allows us to Practice Meeting People with Intention. To be Aware of the Vibrations we are Emitting, because What We Put Out, we will Receive.🔹
🔹Also, it allows us to Look Into our own Judgments of people and Realize that we may have Overlooked or Categorized Someone Too Soon. People Change Day to Day, if we are Seeing The World and Others through a Filter of the Past more than Seeing It As It Is Now, it can be Harmful to Our Present Experiences and our Futures.🔹
🔹Enjoy Life my Friends. Share your Thoughts and Tag a Friend Below!🔹

White fragility is on my last damn nerve this week.
from @knowledge_is_revolution - #whitefragility

Such Truth. from @powerful.poc - 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽 ~AJ

Omg so pretty!! from @far_arden_essentials - Mini Angel Aura Geode Spheres 💞 there's a couple more available now at 🌈🦋 -

Important reminder.
I'm so over friendship ghosting.
from @lyndseyloulovesyou - 🙌🌸😻🦄 #loyalty #rideordie #fairweatherfriends

from @hexenkult - Computerized spider dress by @anoukwipprecht on display at Tetem in Enschede. The motion detectors sense the presence of other people and the arms react defensively according to the movements of the other person. Doing a talk with her here this afternoon. #spider #spiderdress #enschede #fashion #roboticfashion

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