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school girl zombie bunny me will forever make me laugh really

link in bio ((:

there’s 0 reason to post these at nearly 1 in the afternoon but i’m just proud i got the lips pretty straight so

Make Plus Sized Clothing More Accessible and Better Quality we shouldn’t have to struggle to search for stuff to fit us PLUS SIZE CLOTHING CAN BE CUTE IT LITERALLY DOESN’T HAVE TO BE A “ONE SIZE FITS ALL” MESS THAT FITS LIKE A TRASH BAG if any1 has any suggestion for sites or stores that go against that agenda ^ leave it in the comments if you don’t mind cause for me as well as friends of mind i’ve noticed how much of an issue it really is

long story short 4 religious reasons i wasn’t allowed to watch Harry Potter as a kid. i accidentally stumbled upon the HBO harry potter movie marathon. my suspicions of me being super into it are now confirmed (cause sadly enough anything with a fandom or fantasy related with divisions - houses in this case i get super into). I’m a hufflepuff ya thats all Order of Phoenix is my fave but thats as far as i’ve gotten at this point check back with me when i’m fully indulged thanks i’m glad i’m like a decade late on the hype i would’ve lost it when this series was at its peak idk what to do with myself now tbh how will i buy and read all the books uhhhdh

coco... was... so... good i cried hard

so i got my teeth drilled today that wasn’t fun

i guess they make a comeback


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