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Edward Perkins  "I am who I say I am, if I wasn't, why would I say I am?" I try to live with life, but sometimes life beats the shit outta me.
Enter to win #pokemongo gear

Demonic laser-eyed cat #trickortee

I'm watching The Flash, and look what I see? No fast forward, in The Flash. @fuckinglosersitsbyhimself

Hey, you're an @ashhole7660

Fuck yeah! Beat the vault of glass, with FIVE PEOPLE. FUCK YOU, ATHEON. @fuckinglosersitsbyhimself

Mmmmmm. Homemade Quesadilla. @fuckinglosersitsbyhimself

Yeah baby, third game, third lead into victory. #Destiny @fuckinglosersitsbyhimself

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