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la maison de COCO  As a chocolatier I specialize in tea-infused truffles and chocolates. Needing to serve others I host chocolate events helping nonprofit organizations.

A bowl of vegan hot chocolate! Oh did I say vegan? You bet! Come to the New England Chocolate Festival tomorrow and try one of our new flavors from the vegan collection. We of course will have our traditional tea-infused truffles made from local cream, COCO bars and more! tickets at Can’t wait to share.

Finishing touches for the New England Chocolate Festival Saturday, October 13th
at the Boston Center for Adult Education. JOIN US and taste some truffles from the Fall/ Winter Collection, try a COCO bar flavor or come by to learn more about my story. Tickets at

Tools for my craft. The tool I can’t capture in a photo but only in taste is LOVE.

Dipping truffles from the Fall/Winter Collection! Wish you could smell the aromas in the studio kitchen right now...aromas of chocolate, brandy wine, plum oolong, caramel and hints of pine and cinnamon. Getting ready for the New England Chocolate Festival Saturday, October 13th JOIN US in Boston! More

Three stages of ganache. I feel so much gratitude for the orders arriving everyday! Thank you boutique partners, e-commerce shoppers and fellow chocolate lovers at New England Chocolate Festival on October 13th.

COCO bars slipped from their molds and waiting to be wrapped for the New England Chocolate Festival October 11th - 13th in Boston. For more information and tickets go to: Thank you Fine Chocolate and Cacao Institute for organizing this event!

Let’s talk chocolate at the inaugural New England Chocolate Festival in Boston on Saturday, October 13th where I will share the floor with other artisanal chocolatiers.

Nothing to do with la maison de COCO but everything to do with my life. I made this cake with love for my partner in life, lover, husband and best friend for a very special birthday.

Another busy week. Taking time to celebrate a moment of calm.🙏

100’s of truffles for Boys Town New England! Tea-infused Truffle and Wine Pairing at Newport Car Museum. What could be more fun and meaningful on a Friday evening? For more info go to

Having fun at the 10 year anniversary of BOTTLE SHOCK at Jane Pickens Theater with George Taber. Remi Barrett, Sage Cellars and Aquidneck Meat & Provisions. We paired our tea-infused truffles with stellar wines from La Sirena!

Meditation today full of gratitude for my happy place ♥️

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