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la maison de COCO  As a chocolatier I specialize in tea-infused truffles and chocolates. Needing to serve others I host chocolate events helping nonprofit organizations.

We are helping our clients share their gratitude during the Holiday Season with our Sampler Presentation Tin filled with chocolate delights.

We are putting on the Ritz with lots of gold for pop-up event Saturday, December 1st from 2pm -5 pm. Let’s sip some bubbly, taste chocolate and shop before the Bowen’s Wharf Tree Lighting.

An inspiring collaboration: A bit of chocolate, a bit of history, The Grand Duke of Tuscany’s famous chocolate drink reveals an exclusive flavor of les mendiants au thé dorés for @thechanler Newport, RI

Join us as we kick off this Holiday Season with a Pop-up on Saturday, December 1st before the Newport tree lighting ceremony.

Sharing the LOVE of chocolate with my family for Thanksgiving. A selection of tea-infused truffles from the Fall/Winter collection.

Our clients are sending buckets of love to family and friends during this season of thanksgiving. We are so grateful to be their gift of choice.

Fireside desserts filled with gratitude🙏

THANK YOU @newportlifemagazine
What a wonderful surprise. Let’s enjoy this time of year by sharing the LOVE of chocolate.

Les mendiants d’oré FESTIVE.
Feeling the blessings of the season.

Tea time @normanbirdsanctuary. What an honor to share my passion during this yoga retreat held by @joyfulspirityoga@benwisch

Another day in the culinary arts...passion...chocolate...

Sharing our plant-based truffle collection with friends warms my heart. One friend’s response, “Best truffles ever!” Could she be biased?

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