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Val  Bay Area. Liz Lemon wannabe. Follower of Christ. A mama frying to keep a tiny human and @pretty.posey alive 📷familiagram: @thatviplife

Things don't always turn out exactly how you plan, and sometimes they turn out even better.

I feel ya kid. Also apparently my swaddle game needs some work 🤷🏻‍♀️

Back to the grind... but now with a new gadget so I can see when the bae is (not) sleeping

So undeserving to have friends that shower us with such grace and love. Thank you @erinkaneko and @schmaig for loving and caring our little guy while we got to enjoy some delicious food and even sit together in the front seat!

Got to take our nephew for the morning and got a taste of what life would be like with two kids 😱

"You're gonna miss this. You're gonna want this back. You're going to wish these days hadn't gone by so fast."
Not gonna lie, I can't wait til this fussy stage is over. But in a parenting book that my sister in law gave me, it encourages parents that with their kids it's not just a phase to get through but it's a phase, don't miss it. The other day Ivan and I sat down and listed out some things we will miss about this phase. I will miss long snuggles and cuddles. Our life is pretty simple right now, we eat, sleep, change diapers and bounce our hearts out on an exercise ball to Bruno Mars jams. I get bored. I get tired of the crying and fussiness. I resent waking up multiple times a night. But snuggles? They are the best. This morning he was having a hard time taking a nap in his rocker, so I pulled him close and we took a nap together. 😴❤️ And on the flip side, I listened to static on the radio for the entire car ride to keep him from crying... won't miss that

First date night without the little one. Going out to eat used to be a normal part of our week. Now it's a very special treat 😍

Got the bae to take a nap in his crib today. Pretty much winning at life and don't need to accomplish anything else this week 👌🏼

When it comes to dads, I've been blessed with the very bestest.

This photo was taken at 8am in the morning earlier this week. Ice cream for breakfast (non dairy because you're in the middle of an #eliminationdiet)? ✔️No time to go to the bathroom? ✔️Quickly slip your little one into a sling and bounce like a mad man on an exercise ball before they have a Titanic size meltdown? ✔️ bonus - getting to pretend you're pregnant again because the bae is all about the sling life? ✔️ Our little one is on the passionate side (aka fussy). We aren't sure if it's #colic, reflux or just temperament but it's definitely kept us on our toes and on our knees in prayer. I realized how little I actually know about babies - definitely getting a crash course now. One thing I've learned this week is that his progress won't be linear, we will have good days and bad days and days where we will both just need to cry it out. Even though it's been a challenge I'm so thankful for this little guy. He's taught me more in the past five weeks than I've learned in the past several years!

Eat, poop, (sometimes) sleep. Repeat. Learning to throw rules out the window 👌🏼

Parenting is no joke friends. Not sure who cried more this week, the baby or me. This past week we have rocked, bounced, worn and shushed a fussy baby for hours on end which has driven me to the border of crazy town. And as his onesie says, he is my personal trainer, kicking my butt and teaching me so many things already. I'm learning about needing grace - how can I try so hard yet still fall so short? Humility - no amount of research or reading could prepare me for this past week, I have so much to learn about being a mom. I've also been extremely thankful for the community of friends and family that have been supporting us along this journey. I like being self sufficient and independent but have realized that I NEED the support of others and that's a good thing 😊

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