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Lauren Lehmkuhl  Healing bodies by profession ❤️Breaking bodies for fun 💔Critical care RN•Future family practice NP•BJJ purple belt•Trials and errors in life balance

Bag workout buddy
#bulgarianbag #newfie

Working on a hanging jungle garden... Please have your mom send me all her macrame secrets from the 70s

Power posing (silly) purples 💜
#faixaroxa #purplebelt

It just cracks me up when she goes for her toy box... always specifically looking for something 🎾🐶

Jiu jitsu/child's play

A fireplace and Drake's More Life make for the perfect study environment #womenshealth #reproductivehealth #futurefnp

Fresh papaya, a nice walk around the neighborhood, and being on call for work is putting a little spring in my step!

The begging game is out of control with this one!

"When women are regulated to moods, mannerisms, and contours that conform to a single ideal of beauty and behavior, they are captured both in body and soul, and are no longer free." #womenwhorunwiththewolves #wildwoman #clarissapinkolaestes

For a total of four! #budtoblossom

@calcalgal and I just booked our LAX flights!! Coming for you @alexinthecity 😘

Having a Frida moment after working 32 of the past 48 hours ❤️ #internationalwomensday #fridamood

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