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Alexis Arrietta  Some jobs I've held: snake park builder, theater owner henchmen, welder, carpenter, motorcycle mechanic, surgical aid, bartender, and mom.

Old people and their phones. #WaitingInLine #TooFuckingEarlyForThisShit

I was going to take cookies to my doctors office for helping me with paperwork but that extremely hard right I took thought otherwise. #CookieCatastrophe

Frankincense is tiny moth PCP. #SmudgingARoom

This is my lawyer on the left consoling me about how not terrible things are and how it'll be alright in court tomorrow. #TeaLeaves #ReadingTea

The sun shall also rise. #Sunrise #NoFilter

ShoeShe, I never had it before...? #ForYourHealth

Have you ever had one of those ending sequences where you feel like the only one left alive on earth in a world full of ghosts? Me too! #JohnWickChapter2

And here's where Avon captured my likeness down to a tee. Thanks again fellas @sonofavet_thriftshop_la_ #FragrancePin #VintageAvon

Have you checked out my prize booth over at @BookShowLA yet? Well you should come down and feast your eyes on the prizes. Prices range from 2/$1.00 to $15.00 and they're all painstakingly crafted by yours truly for maximum satisfaction. So please, if you're in the northeastern part of Los Angeles California- drop by and say hello to the wonderful staff of Book Show Los Angeles and tell them little Alex sent you. You'll be glad you did. #LaLaLandmine #Prizes #CarnavalsOfTheeAmericas

Meet my new gardener, Franz Fukushima Figueroa. #MiniaturePeople #Tattoos

Doing my part to secure all of our futures. #Medium #BindTrump

[hands clasped in giddy anticipation for pending anarchy and or global nuclear/biological holocaust] until then I'm just #PunchingNazis