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David Koonce 

Big and bright shoes to fill!

If the Milky Way exploded...❤️🇺🇸🎂

As American Oreo milkshake!

Happy Daddy Day to this super cool, super fun dude! Perhaps some of you don’t get to see his silly side, but it’s there. I promise! Love you, David!

Happy Father’s Day to my Daddy and Paisley and Grayson’s Papa! This photo is blurry, but it’s perfect. My Dad is thrilled to be pushing Pai in the horsey swing, and I love how happy they both are to see each other every time we visit! ❤️

Who else would’ve walked past the gate to see what was down there? I’m so glad I did!

Off Campground Road near Bell Buckle

A few dozen yards off the road, past a gate that read “Morgan 1800”, lay this beautiful clearing. The headstones are well preserved and beautiful. One belongs to a 16 year old boy who died in the Civil War defending Fort Donelson.

We had a wonderful day of swinging on the horsey swing, riding the Gator, catching tadpoles and frogs, playing hide and seek, and just talking with family. Greenfield always feels like home. ❤️

Miami blue Cayman! Very fitting for the humidity this morning. Gracious, I love blue cars. 💙

Memorial Day fun in Nashville! We played in the water at Cumberland Park and ate yummy pizza at DeSano’s Pizza. ❤️

At first I felt sorry for her. Then she stayed here for ten minutes and has yet to move. Boys and their dogs! 💙

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