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David Koonce 

We went to Greenfield today to celebrate my Grandaddy Elgie’s 90th birthday. This is the view from his house. He cleared this land himself (with help from my Gramamma, mom and her siblings). It’s beautiful and I love coming here and sharing it with my kids. He’s lived quite a colorful life, and I hope he has many more years and stories left to add.

Accidental twinsies with the boy today 💙

New kicks! (Old school).

We played tourist on this beautiful fall day and went to Loveless Cafe. These preserves are always my favorite part. They’re just blackberries and sugar, and they’re so good!

I seriously missed this sweet little man 💙

One of my favorite spots at Kings Island. Such a cool view!

The Beast has been around since 1979. Mom and I have been riding it since I was 9. It’s still the longest wooden coaster in the US, and it’s TERRIFYING at night. It races through the woods in the pitch black, through tunnels and around crazy curves. And Pai and I love every second!

Viva la France! Creepiness at the Eiffel Tower here. 😱

Halloween Haunt at Kings Island with my roller coaster buddy 🧡

Yet another reason to love Franklin: stores that sell chandeliers made from vintage glass insulators. 💙

Del Thomas is my new favorite road ‘round here. 💙

Driving backroads with Pai and we saw at least 20 deer! And turkeys and squirrels, oh my!

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