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Lakshal Perera  Photographer of Awesome Stuff, ethical photography advocate, recovering scientist and children's bookshop owner. Please ask before reposting images.

When you’re this happy, it’s a natural progression to want to sing a happy song! That’s exactly what Jess and Tim decided to do when they asked their family and friends to join them in a rousing version of “Love is in the Air” by John Paul Young. I had no idea but Tim is quite the band leader and this moment of light hearted joy understandably put a huge smile on each and every single person’s face.

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I saw Janet again the day before her wedding in Melbourne. We’d met once before when her, Dave and I shared a brunch together a few months earlier. The three of us could have spent hours together, it was that kind of friendship right from the start. I said to Janet that I can usually tell if someone will be my friend within 30 seconds - she said she felt the same way.

I shot their wedding and then 4 days later, jumped on a plane to meet them in Hong Kong for the 2nd leg. I spent the next few days with the two of them and their beautiful family and group of friends. I can’t explain how truly heartwarming the experience was for me but the afterglow of meeting all of these amazing people and being able to spend time with them will stay with me for a long time.

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What do two self confessed nerds to when they decide they’re getting married? Have a fantasy themed wedding of course.

This is Dave and Emma - two people who love each other deeply.

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I promise this will be the last bookshop post for a while but we’re open as of today! I think the shop looks amazing and Kristen has done the most wonderful job. Hopefully we can see some of you in person very soon - there’s so many wonderful books and stories to be seen in here!

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It might seem like things have been a bit quiet here but the truth is that I’ve never been busier! Kristen and I have been in the midst of finalising our next amazing and exciting adventure - a specialist children and young adults bookshop located in our hometown of Kyneton called Squishy Minnie Bookstore!

We open next Monday (10th April) and it’s a hectic time of unpacking books, stacking shelves and sorting out computer systems to make sure that things run smoothly!

Squishy Minnie will hopefully be a lovely warm welcoming space for all children and young people, regardless of what they look like, how well they read, their physical abilities, their religion, their gender or sexuality. Our dream is that they can pop in after school and have a bit of a browse through the books – hopefully discovering books that they relate to and that tell them they belong and they matter.

If you’re interested, check out our instagram page @squishyminnie where you can find a link to our website too.

Regular Photography of Awesome Stuff programming will recommence soon, there’s so many exciting images I can’t wait to share!

So Matilda’s strong young mind continued to grow, nurtured by the voices of all those authors who had sent their books out into the world like ships into the sea. These books gave Matilda a hopeful and comforting message. You are not alone.
-Roald Dahl

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I'm currently at the airport just about to hop on a flight to Hong Kong for the 2nd leg of Janet and Dave's international love celebration! I honestly couldn't think of better people to spend the next 5 days with. Janet and Dave are incredibly wonderful humans and after 12 years, it's amazing for everyone that they decided it was the time to celebrate their relationship by getting married.

Silvia said that her heart had been closed to love before she met Jarrod. That moment when he asked to sit down next to her in their Chinese/English language exchange would cause that to change - and both of their lives as well.
His Mandarin was actually quite impressive and having had quite a few years experience living in Hong Kong, she knew that he understood the quirks of her culture. And when Jarrod spoke at their reception with respect and love to his new mother and father in their own language, it was a beautiful moment.

Silvia and Jarrod are the yin and the yang (pardon the Chinese pun) - different but perfectly matched in every way.

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I wasn’t sure if this was the photo I wanted to post for Jasper and Jade. I think this one is beautiful but there is a truly special one from later in the evening at their reception. Jade is standing at the front of the room, she has tears pouring down her face. Her head is buried into Jasper’s lapel and he gently holds her in a protective embrace. It was, as Jade said during her speech with an unnecessary apology, the moment that she realised the enormity of what their wedding day meant - I say unnecessary because you couldn’t begrudge her tears at all.

It was the most improbable of stories, one where two people from opposite sides of the planet end up meeting each other thousands of miles away from their homes, families and lives.

But here they were in a beautiful plant filled room in an industrial space in central Melbourne, Jade surrounded by her family from China and Jasper with his from Holland, celebrating their union, absorbing what it meant for this to have happened. The acknowledgement of the time and energy that it has cost for all of these people that love them to be there to share in their wedding day was overpowering. There’s happiness, but there’s also much sadness because as much as they’ve completed each other, another small part has been broken away with every drop of water and each clump of soil that exists between the two of them and their original lives.

It’s not a “beautiful” photo I’m talking about but it was so unbelievably real and powerful. So it was hard deciding that this above one would be the image I end up sharing because it felt right to only let Jade and Jasper see that photo. It’s their moment - a special one and after the sacrifices they’ve had to make to be together, they deserve every little thing they can get.

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The thing that everyone seems to say about Kaitlin and Daniel, including the two of them, is that they compliment each other. When I was younger, I used to think that meant you were the same but now, I realise that it means something completely different. It’s about feeling as if the other is the little bit of you that’s missing, the one that makes up for the things you can’t do and the one that makes you even better than you are.

Spending time with Daniel and Kaitlin it makes even more sense - they’re different in so many ways but each difference is accepted, understood and softened when required. And that’s what makes their love work - they just fit together.

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Sarah and Josh’s relationship nearly failed before it all took off about 10 years ago, and it was all Sarah’s brother Joe’s fault. Sarah’s grandad Murray was a very well known conservative politician and Joe, who has a pretty wicked sense of humour also knew that his grandad held some very strong beliefs. This sense of conviction was put into action when Joe told his grandfather that the 18 year old who was Sarah’s new boyfriend and their dinner guest that evening was a Taliban sympathiser from regional Pakistan. Sarah’s grandfather was furious and understandably wanted to put Josh to the test - not that it wouldn’t already be a challenge for Josh to meet Sarah’s family for the first time.

Within minutes, it became very obvious that the quietly spoken, kind and intelligent Josh was nothing as described, he was just a regular and intensely lovely human. He won over the family that evening and as the weeks passed, he won over Sarah too.

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This blog post has taken me nearly 2 years to write. I’ve started, and stopped and started again and again. It’s probably one of the most personal things I’ve written but in my heart, I knew it needed to be finished and I knew it needed to be honest. It’s about who I am and how I got to where I am today. It’s the story of why I effectively turned my back on the wedding industry and how I willingly went from being a somebody to a nobody.
(Link in profile)

If this post makes you feel something, or you think it might have an impact on someone you know, I would be so grateful for your support in liking and sharing this. When you read the post, you’ll understand why.

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I caught a cab from Rach and Matt's reception yesterday to where my car had been parked earlier in the day at their house. I had a conversation with the driver and we got talking about his family who are from Nicaragua and the history of that country under the dictatorship of Noriega. He's lived in Australia since he was 12 (he's now 30) but about 8 years ago, he fell in love with a girl from thePhilippines. Over the next few years, they had two kids but sadly, they are still in the Philippines with their mother and it's been two years since he has been able to see them. He's working unbelievable hours to try and raise the money to get her and the kids visas sorted out so they can all be back together as a family in Australia. I only met this young man for a few moments but already I knew he had much more strength than I imagine I ever would.

This story is obviously sad but I drove home thinking about the strength of our human spirit. It wasn't the first time that day I'd thought about this either, both Matt and Rachel had experienced sadness and grief in their own lives and it was a well acknowledged part of their wedding day. Matt's sister suddenly passed away last year, the same week his father had a stroke and Rachel's dad passed away 3 years ago after a long battle with cancer, just a few months before her mum had some serious health problems of her own requiring serious surgery. But throughout all of this, Matt, Rachel and their families persisted. There must have been days when it all felt too hard but their love for each other got them through.

Thankfully, Matt's dad is doing much better since his stroke and Rachel's mum has recently been given a clean bill of heath but both Rachel, Matt and their Mum and Dad respectively spoke after their wedding ceremony about how life had changed so much because of these experiences. Rachel's mum said that their mother-daughter roles had switched and it was now Rachel making calls at 8am each morning to make sure she was doing ok. Matt's dad, through tears of pride and happiness, said that it was Matt who helped him to be a better person each day. (...cont)

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