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I’ve seen lots of beautiful things at weddings but a cute little flower girl with a cat ear headband finding a friendly kitten during the ceremony - that’s going to be hard to top.

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Dave’s grandfather was a resourceful and hard working man. He bought up a piece of land on the edge of Lake Eildon, about 200km NE of Melbourne back in the 70s and decided to make it onto their family’s holiday home. With his own two hands, he built a beautiful log structure overlooking this particular spot and ever since then, his family have returned to find peace, solitude and togetherness. It’s a magnificent place with beauty all around and now, nearly 50 years since his grandfather’s work, Dave and his beautiful bride Amanda added to its rich history.

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Nearly a month’s worth of rain fell across Victoria in the last 3 days. There was flooding in many towns, impacting the lives of many people. It was about 9 deg C with a 40km/h wind blowing when we were taking this photo, not typical weather for this time of the year - and definitely not something Carl and Atan had anticipated when they started planning their wedding 12 months ago.

Their main festivity consisted of a 3hr long traditional Hindu ceremony planned for a large outdoor amphitheater. As the week progressed, they realised that the significant weather warnings were too dire to risk and their plans would need to change. In the middle of being involved in other Hindu marriage ceremonies in the preceding days, they managed to scout around and fortunately found a venue able to accommodate their guests and marriage ritual.

Carl and Atan admitted that the week had been tough on them and that’s not surprising in the least - a wedding is a stressful enough experience at the best of times, let alone completely reorganising events for 400 guests coming from all around Australia and the world. But tenacity and resourcefulness are traits they both have in spades so they made it through. Even though there were parts of the experience which were challenging for both of them and their families, yesterday was a day nobody will ever forget.

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When Shaun caught the #38 bus from Harrogate to Leeds in the mid North of England to meet Becky for the first time, he was 3 hours late. They’d both swiped right a few days earlier and their eventual meeting was initially stymied by Shaun’s inability to be on time that day - apparently a trait he was well known for by all. But for some reason, Becky decided to hang around and wait, she obviously felt there was something about him and it was worth her time. And having gotten to know Shaun, I could immediately see it too, he’s a pretty special person.

But as most of these stories go, Shaun had to return to Australia for work so they endured the difficulties of life separated by half the world.

Multiple 24 hour flights, challenges by the Australian Department of Immigration and the fact that one of them would have to leave their entire life behind didn’t deter them, they simply had to be together.

In the end, Becky flew out for a dear friend’s wedding in Australia and to suss out how life here would feel - a few days later, she cancelled her flight home. She’d followed her heart, and Shaun was where she ended up.
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The start of Cailin and Tim’s relationship isn’t the stuff of a classic romantic novel. There was no serendipity, coincidence or poetry, they met in a self confessed “dingy underground tavern” in Geelong. There was almost a chance that Tim wasn’t even going to ask Cailin for her number but as they departed McDonald’s, the location of their late night snack, with their respective set of friends, Tim plucked up the courage.

It’s been 7 years and their home is now nearly 3 hours drive away from Geelong and their meeting place. The nearest McDonald’s to their house is 60km away but it’s obvious none of this matters. The only thing they truly need is each other.

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CW and Teng visited Australia from their home in Malaysia and didn’t want to leave. With afternoons like this, I can see why.

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Paige and James met a decade and a half ago - but their love took some time. Someone joked last night that when Paige started calling James “James” and not “Knox”, they knew things had changed.

Across time, territory and everything in-between, Paige and James always returned to each other until yesterday when they committed themselves to never being apart again.

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There’s so much I can say about Joeli and Rachel that it’s a bit hard to know where to start but to the naked eye, it’s impossible to to ignore their difference. He’s an energetic giant half Fijian/half Kiwi man that rides Harleys and works with his hands bonding bits of steel to other bits of steel. She’s a slight, quietly spoken and thoughtful woman who sings beautifully and studies anthropology. Chalk and Cheese.

Both of them independently told me a story about a trip to California very early on in their relationship where they shared a campervan for 3 weeks - even though they were both there together, it felt like I was listening to different experiences, their perspective and views were so (almost comically) divergent. But none of this matters, it’s so evident that Joeli and Rach are just wonderful together and they love each other deeply. As always, the strength of love, commitment and a willingness to make another person happy is the most powerful thing. Joeli and Rach have that, and much more, and it is a beautiful thing to see.

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The last month has been perhaps the best month of Mitchell's life. His soccer team won their very first premiership and his beloved Richmond Tigers won their first AFL flag since 1980. And the beautiful and most wonderful cherry on top was him marrying the love of his life Simone yesterday.

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My wonderful album company Folio @fineartalbums have recently upgraded their paper - it felt like the perfect time to get a new sample album. This beautiful piece of art uses Fine Art paper bonded onto a card substrate giving luxurious 650 gsm stock - the colours are just beautifully rendered and the crispness of the printing is simply incredible.

Hand made using sustainably sourced materials in Barnsley, England, these albums are in my mind simply the best ones I’ve ever seen. And it doesn’t hurt that Folio happen to be staffed by the most lovely bunch of humans ever - people who are truly passionate about doing great work and also being genuinely kind to each and every person they deal with! I’m honestly so happy and proud to be able to share these albums with lovely couples all over Australia and the world!

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