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Brittney Flair  My big moments.

Feelin' pretty darn cute today. 🎉😎👽

This is like two weeks old but whatever. I shaved off all of my hair. Got a job at my favorite bar being a barback. And I am having the most fun I have had in a while. ||| #vscocam #lanterntrash #fuckyeahfordoingwhatiwant

24 has been feeling pretty far out. ||| #vscocam #alien #its1999again

Views from the new front porch. ||| #vscocam #neworleans #ilovemyporch

My brother from another mother. We love good porch hangs and wine. ||| @wes_the_best1989 #basicbitches #coasttrash #nolalife #wesisgivingmehashtags #jesus

Last Sunday, I met some the coooollest people in the universe @ one of my fav places. So glad I survived Mercury Retrograde like a champ. Alsoooo cannot wait to go to Chi Town and visit them! || @memazian #mylivingroom #badassbitches #updatekinda

These past two weeks have been miserable. Laying in bed watching endless amounts of TV. No social interaction for the social butterfly. And being in constant pain. I am fiiiinally having surgery Friday. I will be so glad to get these tonsils out. ||| #mood #selfie #colorburn #bedpotato

Quarter living now. Granted, most of it has been spent in my quarters the past few days. As someone who was chronically sick as a kid, I am experiencing it again. My tonsils are rotten and are controlling my life. All I want to do is eat fried chicken, drink scotch and make out with hot dudes. Well..there is always time for that once I get over being sick. Ugh. ||| #fq vscocam #personal #heyinstagram

Hey Instagram! I know it's been a while so I figured I would say hey! I hope all is well. I have been binging on Gilmore Girls and trying to find a new apartment. Hope all is well. | #selfie #vsco

Been really missing my babies.

Love you, Philly! 💜||| #vscocam #philly #cityhall #nexthome?

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