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Kim Valentine  i love color and texture . i need the water views... Cleveland, OH. Safety Harbor, FL

The peonies of Cleveland. #peony
Had a nice first date today, and going to see him again tomorrow. Marking off days of summer and telling myself I probably won't die of heat and humidity my first summer in Florida. Have to admit, though, I'm seriously thinking of a REALLY short hairstyle. #lifeisgood

I love this photo and have it as one of the screens on my phone. It is my vision of walking into my future with the love of my life beside me. We are funky, colorful, and the perfect match. (This couple delighted me, and I mean no disrespect- I believe this is far enough away that they are unrecognizable- but I love that I have this to gaze upon.) To my hopes and dreams, which are uniquely mine!!

Happy belated Father's Day to all the men. Good, bad, or indifferent you shape us by our desire to emulate you, or be the opposite of you. #sunday #chillin

I worked seven hours, then had my best date in two weeks- I took myself to St Pete for dinner and a walk with my camera. Ahhh.

I've scaled my social media time by 50%, I'm up by 7:30am at the latest everyday, and I'm still acclimating to 90 degrees F at midnight, no air conditioning.

Tomorrow is #8 in nine days. And I'm done for awhile. It hasn't been much fun. And my waistline is suffering >>>> #datingafter50

I went to the beach, then lunch today. I bought myself two dozen fragrant roses. This dating could beat you down, if you let it. In six days I've had five first dates, and have another planned for Friday. When he's not what I expect, or he calls before the second date and says he changed his mind about seeing me again, I have to remind myself that it wouldn't be special if every date was amazing. Just here working, staying positive, starting new fitness routines, and knowing something WONDERFUL is coming my way! #ilovemylife #datinglife #datingafter50

Hello friends! I feel the need to back off social media this summer. I will hop on to see the latest posts occasionally, but I feel I'm getting behind on things, and I'm also starting to date. (Tomorrow I may have THREE first dates. Never one to do things in moderation, I may be confusing my life more, but I am listening to my intuition...)
#igcloseups #godisinthedetails #lookclosely #eyelovehue

That lovely day I visited my old beach and wandered for hours hunting for beach glass. #mentorheadlands #lakeerielove

As I sit in the Cleveland airport to return home to Florida I must admit my trip was nearly perfect. I saw and did almost everything I wanted to cram into about 40 hours. This #peony was from a stunning visit to Holden Arboretum. #gratitude #friendsnfamily #lovemylife

Something about this reminds me of a paint-by- number painting . #marina

I flew home Friday, and have had a whirlwind visit with friends and family. One of the highlights was visiting the restaurant where I spent 16 of the last 18 years. A friend and I feasted like royalty last night, and blessedly had most of the meal comped. Thank you, again Michelle @yogi_butts !! I had a dinner Friday with friends of 50 years, I held my new great nephew, saw baby Stella, spent the night out in the woods at my mother's log cabin, and today my sister is throwing a dinner in my honor. Life is so Good!

More of the gorgeous abalone shell. #shell #abalone #macrobrilliance
Racing through the week to fabulous weekend plans>>>>>>

Days and days of rain....
I am grateful I'm employed by a great company. The restaurant has many regulars, it's situated by six hotels that provide a constant stream of diners, and we DON'T have a patio. #gratitudeistheattitude

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