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Kim Valentine  i love color and texture . i need the water views... Cleveland, OH. Safety Harbor, FL

Sittin' on the dock of the bay....
The red tide is as far north as my beaches. I am experiencing Florida now almost as if I lived inland. And I have always thought, "Who would live here with all the sun and heat if you weren't close enough to the water, waves, and breeze of the beach?" I hope this passes quickly.

Still dating. Today (date number 3) revealed truths I called, "pink flags," but they were really red. Deal-breakers. Back to the online dating sites... #howmanyfrogsdoihavetokiss #datinginmyfifties

Happy weekend! One of my only regrets of working second shift is missing sunsets and dusk. This was a cotton candy sky from my bike ride. There are postcard scenes everywhere I look. #ilovemylife

Close up. I could spend hours on my belly photographing nature.

Twenty four hours ago I wrote my feelings of reflecting on 9/11. I posted to Instagram and got a message I had never seen. Something like, "Will auto-post when possible". Hmmm. Right into the ether.

I am inspired by the love, fellowship, inclusion, and positivity I see in the world. When we make our world smaller to give the illusion of "safety" we let fear win. Enjoy life and make the most of each day.

I am grateful to all the loving folks I have contact with. Enjoy today!!

Received my camera back from a warrantied repair. Thank goodness for insurance. Excited to start photographing again-

Stunning beach day, followed by a late Mexican lunch, a short nap, reading by the pool, and for two hours I experienced a ferocious thunderstorm from my covered porch. The temperature has dropped significantly and I'm bundled up, enjoying the last hours of my day off. #everydayfeelslikevacation #iliveinparadise

Up north I would be starting to feel sad, knowing that summer was leaving, and with it the warm weather. Now I am looking forward to less rain and humidity, and the gorgeousness of fall and winter in Florida. I didn't die from the heat, or feel like I ran from air conditioning, to my car, back indoors. I am proud that I dealt with the heat, and can soon sleep with my windows open again. #postlaborday #endofsummer

Good morning, and happy weekend!
Labor Day has always felt more like the start of my year than January 1st. I'm excited to see what this new year brings! #mybeach #happynewyear

Had the weirdest day today, but I don't want the details to get back to my mother. Yes, at 58 I cringe if I feel I've disappointed her, (or done something she would consider dangerous). In a nutshell, I was helped by two Canadian vacationers, (they will never know how much I appreciated that!) and feel grateful that my uber driver got me where I needed to be, despite rush hour traffic, heavy rain, and every single light turning red, right as we approached it. Hope to not experience this drama again, ever.
#whatisthelessonhere #wheredidthatcomefrom #gratefulimsafe

Tonight was slow at the restaurant. Three ladies came in for appetizers (2) and wine (2 glasses). Their check was $46. They tipped $30 on the credit card, plus $10 cash. What the?!!! I have heard of the, "Tip the check" challenge, and can only think this was someone doing it. It was amazing to get such an out-of-nowhere crazy high tip, and my first thought was I couldn't wait to #playitforward , giving another server the thrilling jolt that I experienced. Thank you, kind souls!! #greatsurprises #tipthecheck #itscooltobekind

One of the most beautiful scarves I've ever seen.

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