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Kim Valentine  i love color and texture . i need the water views... Cleveland, OH. Safety Harbor, FL

Had a wonderful vacation with my sisters visiting this week. As they packed up to go I was so sad. I could only comfort myself thinking I get to stay in paradise, (and they will get snow soon... ) Thank God for the technology that lets us stay connected for free.

The weather was breezy and invigorating, while Michael was wreaking havoc up north yesterday.

All good in the hood. (I am located between Tampa and Clearwater, near old Tampa Bay).
My sisters arrived yesterday and by 6pm we were witnessing effects of the storm surge. Down by the fishing pier the water was definitely 3 to 4 feet higher. Amazing to think the amount of gallons of water that could make Tampa Bay that much higher. Best of luck to those affected far worse.

And another week begins...
Since I am living in the land of eternal summer I find it hard to come up with the right date, and sometimes even correct month. Everyday is August.

My sisters come for a visit Tuesday. The weather has been stunning lately, but now I'm hearing murmurs about an approaching hurricane. C'mon, Michael! How's about you peter out and bring some cooler temps, some wind, and NO RAIN or damage?!! We so deserve a pleasant vacation!

Yesterday I was riding my bicycle and passed a man riding towards me who had two prosthetic legs. We nodded hellos and smiled.

My first thought was, "What a hero!" Whatever he's been through, or however he came to be missing both legs below the knee, here he was alone on a bike ride, having done the work to be more mobile. I later saw him putting his bike in the trunk of his car, getting ready to drive away.

This had my mind going in many directions. Where I ended up, though, was thinking of fifteen years ago in a group study of spirituality. There were forty students and a leader. My mentor, the leader, had us all put our heads down during a group exercise and she asked some questions. The one I've never forgotten was, "Raise your hand if you feel you are damaged goods". Would you believe every single one of us raised our hands? (She shared this a week later, after she had processed it, and wanted to share her insights about it). I think of this when I go through the dating sites and see divorced and widowed men, and know at this age it's very likely there could be physical issues people aren't comfortable sharing, and a myriad of ways we all feel "damaged". I am grateful for all the good information I have gleaned from seminars, classes, online, through movies and books. I have more self confidence now and admit the mistakes that I've made, and I feel the joy of my successes. It's a beautiful thing to be this age and comfortable in my own skin.


I am really missing the beach and swimming in the ocean. Looking ahead to my sisters' visit (in 11 days,) I'm planning a trip north where I hope to find a beach not tainted by the red tide. #theresonlyoneearth

Had a total self-care day: Started by visiting two bike shops, then purchasing a new bicycle, which enables me to feel more comfortable to try a group ride this weekend. I see this helping me make new friends who live close by.

I had a late lunch of the best meatballs I've had in decades and gourmet pizza.

I also spent hours down on the dock reading, people watching, and taking the occasional photo for a fisherman holding his catch. I enjoy being on the Bay, near others, but able to immerse myself in a great read. I met a couple originally from Ohio as I headed to my car, and expect to see more of them around town, and perhaps meet them out for a meal.

I feel myself planting roots here, and couldn't be happier.
#thisiswhereilive #harborlife #daysoffarethebestdays

I'm feeling wonderful.
Earlier this week, as I was leaving for work, I backed into a golf cart and broke my tail light. A repair shop was recommended, and it it just so happened to be owned by a female mechanic, and employs at least one other female mechanic. They do a great job for an extremely reasonable price. They will be my go-to service station in my new city. #risingsunauto
Today I was headed out for a long bike ride. Quite a ways out my chain came off, and I started walking my bicycle back home. Probably 6 or 7 guys rode by me, but it wasn't until a female rider passed me that I was offered help, and not only her, but someone else she had been riding with showed me how to fix my chain. We exchanged numbers and I am excited that this riding group meets a few times a week for bike rides, walks, and kayaking.
This is all after I've been praying for female friends. It goes to show you that grumbling when it APPEARS something bad has happened is premature, because you have to see how it all ends up. I'm all about the "silver lining". This is the gorgeousness of a palm tree.
#ilovetexture #silverlinings #girlpower

Sittin' on the dock of the bay....
The red tide is as far north as my beaches. I am experiencing Florida now almost as if I lived inland. And I have always thought, "Who would live here with all the sun and heat if you weren't close enough to the water, waves, and breeze of the beach?" I hope this passes quickly.

Still dating. Today (date number 3) revealed truths I called, "pink flags," but they were really red. Deal-breakers. Back to the online dating sites... #howmanyfrogsdoihavetokiss #datinginmyfifties

Happy weekend! One of my only regrets of working second shift is missing sunsets and dusk. This was a cotton candy sky from my bike ride. There are postcard scenes everywhere I look. #ilovemylife

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