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Kim Valentine  i love color and texture . i need the water views... Cleveland, OH. Safety Harbor, FL

Just grapes. From a beautiful arbor at the Botanic Gardens, Denver CO

This is where I feel closest to God- on a solitary walk along the ocean, with my camera.
#sundayworship #weeklyritual #mybeach

I love my life. I live in paradise. I love biking everyday, swimming in a gorgeous pool, working at a restaurant I am proud of, taking occasional weekend trips, even the online dating. I feel like a kid, able to really do what I want, when I want, most of the time.

As I start my countdown to marking 60 years young, it is with the acknowledgement that my life is fantastic, and asking, "How can I make it EVEN BETTER?" #mybestlife #whatsnext #eighteenmonthgoals

Travelling is wonderful, but there's no place like home!
#mybeach #myheartsleepsattheocean #beachdaysarethebestdays

Last night I had the most detailed dream that I was pregnant. (This, after realizing earlier that I will be 60yo in eighteen months.) I awoke so excited and thrilled, knowing symbolically it speaks to all I am "birthing" in my life: health, prosperity, a loving relationship with a man, meaningful work, new friendships, ... I love how we dream in symbols!

This was a huge piece of FLUORITE I saw at a shop in Denver. It was stunning. I wish I could have taken it home.

Tonight I swam for the first time in two and a half weeks. The sun was setting, it had finally rained, which lowered the temperature and humidity, and I had the pool to myself. It was heavenly!! As I tested that previously broken rib I realized it is 18 months until I turn 60. If I've learned anything from @dreamlifecatalyst Kevin it is that I can drift on this river I call life, flowing with the current aimlessly, living more of the same, or I can imagine my best life and actively create it. Here's to mindfully embracing everything Kevin taught me in Mary Morrissey's Dream Builder life course, and creating a most AMAZING life! #readytodothis #mindfulliving #goals
This is from the lovely Denver Botanic Gardens

@thehotelartist The clock is set. Let's screech into Feb 2020 kicking up our heels for joy!! Are you with me??

Loved my visit to Denver's Botanic Garden. Aren't these tree trunks stunning? #trees #treebark #treebarklovers

Loveland Pass, The Continental Divide
Hoped I was done feeling old after the roller skating accident, but new feelings of inadequacy arose when we stood on the cliffs of these mountains. I prayed my sister-in-law wouldn't propose a 3 hour hike. I looked around and saw people seemingly walking up vertical paths to ever higher heights, and thought, "NOT TODAY!". The scenery was breath taking, and the elevations ( 11,990 ft) left me breathless! I was spared the decision because my brother's knee was bothering him, so a look around, then a selfie, and we were back in the car. #summervaca

Left Denver this morning and drove to the mountains, to Breckenridge. I loved seeing the northern flowers again. #poppies

When I recommend my beach to others I stress it is a natural beach, and an island. On the Gulf coast of Florida the beach that runs along side the towns is bordered by restaurants, bars, housing and hotels. I love walking @honeymoonisland, especially off-season and when it is cloudy, for these gorgeous scenes.

Later today I'm flying to Colorado to visit family. My next scenery shot may be in the mountains... Yay!

Feeling the, "blahs". My first lunch table (at 11:30) laughed over their shoulders and said, "Sorry we took up your table all day!" as they sauntered out at 3:15. The washer was 1/4 full of water and still dirty laundry when I went to switch loads. I cancelled my date tonight due to extreme heat and humidity. Just not feeling it...

Daily I'm feeling healthier and doing more at work. Tonight we were whomped with walk-ins and large parties, and I had no choice but to carry heavy trays long distances. Okay, broken rib, you've had (some) rest, time to step it up!!
#gladimhealthy #amazinghealing

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