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Kim Valentine  i love color and texture . i need the water views... Cleveland, OH. Safety Harbor, FL

The new job is amazing. Each of the next 3 days I am scheduled 12hrs, then I am home free!! See you on the other side! #lastpieceofthepie #almosthome #worththewait

Musing over the connectedness of everything, and trying to figure how I, personally, can create a lesser footprint. # onlyoneearth #treehugger #beautyintexture

Beauty everywhere I look. #myneighborhood #lifeisgood #saltlife

Big sigh of relief for my new employer hiring me at the perfect time. I am over the moon excited to be starting a career in this well established, fine restaurant. #perfecttiming #theuniverseknows #trustingspirit

Just relaxing, one day at a time, trying not to count the days I have been without a job. I take steps everyday, and know something great is coming my way. #faith #optimism #enjoyingparadise

Thank you to the creative soul who left this hand painted rock randomly. I was stopped behind a (drunk) man in a wheelchair, he dropped something and asked me to pick it up, and I found it. * It's been awhile since I posted. I was waiting to share news about a new job... I am staying positive, so I will say I love my new apartment, I bought a refurbished bike that is very cool, and for the third time I saw manatees close up in Tampa Bay. Life is sweet, and I think when the time is right to retire I will have NO PROBLEM filling my days. I am praying not for the job I want, but for the best one for me. ( And I keep filling out applications and taking these attached psych quizzes. Anyone else care if your fine dining server passed the psych portion of the job app??) #randomsupport #messagesfromheaven #itwillbeokay

I hit St Pete Beach early, then dawdled my way up the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. This week my goals are landing and starting a job and moving all my things into my (finally ready) apartment. #lifeisgood #floridaliving #newtotown

My movers loaded my stuff Nov 7th, and it's about to be Nov 25th. I'm sitting on a new couch wrapped in plastic, with my furniture scrunched together, and 55 boxes in another room. First the apartment flooded, then my stuff was delivered to a temporary apartment so #1 could dry out, then my bike was stolen. The flat tire in my car didn't even get a reaction out of me... I believe I can move into my real apartment later this week, and finally I will unpack some things that have been packed TWO YEARS. I long to settle in and set up house, because I am nothing, if not a nester. (And living out of a suitcase stinks). Monday and Tuesday I have job interviews. I have been tested, and I believe I "passed." #readyforabreak #longtofeellikethisishome #staypositive #livingthegoodlife

From one of my last Ohio hikes with @marmar1307 . Chose hiking today, also, instead of the shopping. #optoutside #justgetoutside

It's been 12 days that I am in my new home state. I am happy to report I am learning my grid of streets and getting around pretty well. I've found a mechanic, my library, a hair stylist, and a scratch bakery. I attended the 1x a month festival in downtown, (Lovely, and not as traffic clogging as I feared). The people are friendly and helpful, (okay, I DID get asked to leave the library for talking on my cell phone...), and the icing on the cake? Just like my last place, there is a church that rings bells on the hour.
#lifeisgood #lovingfloridalife #mynewcity

A friend asked yesterday if I was happy I made the move. "Absolutely!" I answered. I don't see myself living up north again, ever. Now, if you mention mosquitos, sand fleas, no seeums, or sunsets at the beach I may start scratching some embarrassing places. #eatenalive #mynewbeach #beachlifeisthebestlife

Well, what else would you expect? My idea of a "good find" #seashells #myfavoritebeach #honeymoonbeach

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