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Kim Valentine  i need the water views like i need oxygen. i love color and texture more than life itself...i block private follows Cleveland, OH USA RUSTLORD UNITY

Had an amazing day off and walk at #holdenarboretum with @marmar1307 . She wasn't even angry when l took us off on a tangent, lengthening our outing by an hour. #astilbe #andthepurplecrayon_ffff #pocket_macro

In theory, l love boats. I love being around them, photographing them, watching them from afar. To be out on the Lake, not so much... #tugboat #myohioadventure #lakeerielove

Gloomy, milder day and l spot a rose across the yard-> first bloom off this bush of Gram's. Spectacular color!! #allbeauty_addiction #infinity_colors #jj_colorlove #grandmasroses

(It sometimes takes me ten days to post because l have limited myself to this close-up/ landscape/close-up format.) Life is good. The clock is ticking. I feel my Florida move approaching, and everyday l look around, and l appreciate the present. #mentorheadlands #myohioadventure #summerisgoingtoofast

#holdenarboretum a few weeks ago... Longing for the 36 hour day. I'm okay with work, exercising, cleaning the house, laundry, and grocery shopping, but at the end of each day l would like about 90 minutes on IG, and then HOURS to read. Anyone feel the same? Maybe 3 hours of a good book before bed??

I often think of my sister when l am walking for hours in nature. She rarely strays from her TV, or house, for that matter. In some ways l document beauty, in the hopes that she will be interested someday. #fortheloveofdriftwood #mentorheadlands #myohioadventure #getoutside

Sue's 6' sunflower, second shot. #sunflower #ig_closeups #summertime I am officially summer punch- drunk. I've been visiting different beaches, skipping the gym, eating summer meals (not necessarily on my diet). Swam in Lake Erie tonight, after doing yardwork. Love!!

#rowingclub. Cut out of work early and explored #cle, waiting for rush hour traffic to clear. I rarely have photos with people, but on this walk l met and spoke with many downtown dwellers. I especially love the city folk who are dog owners. #mycleadventure #cleigers

Could this #orientalpoppy be any lovelier? I was so excited to share it. #rustlord_unity #ig_closeups #fingerprintofgod Here's to a new week, and better experiences!!

I have yet to see a brilliant sunset this summer. #lakeerie usually provides some stunners- l must be working those nights!

Ahhhh, texture! Loving my life, and my corner of the world!❤ #jj_texture #ig_closeups #jj_colorlove #popyacolour

Happy holiday! This is a photo that may not translate my joy in capturing it. I had a leisurely walk in nature and came upon this creek that looked interesting from a bridge. The grasses, and who knows what (poison ivy underneath?) where waist high during a rocky descent to the water's edge. The scene delighted me, and l laid on rocks, and contorted my body to try for the best shot. Of course l was spotted by someone on the bridge who yelled out, "Why are you down there all alone? You could slip, hit your head, and drown!" My answer, (inside my head,) was, " And l would have died doing what l LOVE to do!" Out loud l replied, "Thank you for your concern!" #mycleadventure #getoutside #dowhatyoulove

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